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feeding the poor. People in our country are dying in starvation and its not just our country. Some people in our country are just throwing food away like they don't care and trust me they really don't care. You know rather than just going and ask the needy if they want any food and they would say yes. You know one day my mother caught me throwing food...

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Ìyániwùrá Mother; as precious as Gold.
Tags: iyaniwura, mother, mama, care, feeding, doshand, dosgallery
DOS Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Animal Feeding Prototype Picture- This is an example of animal feeding, a service our business provides. If a pet owner is away on holidays, we can feed and care for their pet. The pet owner can choose to have our workers feed the animals at their house (in their backyard) or they can choose to leave their animals to be cared for in someone elses house.
mcarrington Photography, Colour
Mom's feeding Everyone needs a mom
NatalyaHamidova Photography, Colour