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Hamilton Fish

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if my universe had a sea I made this piece of a single fish in an empty sea to represent my time so far during COVID 19. A single creature is alone in a space surrounded by all material things they may need to survive or entertain themselves with all but one thing, another existence. I used two things I've had an interest in so far during my time to represent this,...
Tags: space, sea, fish
tt2018here Mixed Media
Dead Fish - Too much sun! Alexa Cornejo Rojas - 1st grade primary
ciencias-cdaza Drawing, Pencil-crayon
People don't realize that the fish are dying Adamari Ponce Roman - 1rst grade primary
ciencias-cdaza Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Life of Fisherman Fisherman belongs to river and fish. This work belongs to his life survival.
cdcindia Photography, Colour
Watching the fishermen together We like to go to the beach and watch the fishermen and wait for them to come back from the sea. Then we talk to them about the ocean and helping. We do this together.
Tags: fishermen, sea
haitiocean Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Big-eyes fish By Yanlin-Liu Put on a beautiful mask, let’s see what’s happening outside. Let’s seek something fun, let’s be the one!
JiaHuang 3D Graphics
Liu Liangxi—My fish
JiaHuang Drawing, Pastel
Haiti's Moon Jellyfish By: Marie Pressoir As I begin to discover our underwater world of Haiti, I take this photo of a moon jellyfish. I learned that these jellyfish are not the most dangerous jellyfish and they can be held upside down without stinging me. The ocean is full of beautiful and interesting surprises.
ayv Photography, Colour
Three Fishes in Coral-Reef Three Fishes in Coral-Reef, Mixed Media, 14,2x20,9 inch, 1997, 610 Euro.
Tags: animals, water, underwater landscapes, surrealisme, egypt, mixed media
heiste Mixed Media
PU 04 Yellow Fishes PU 04 Yellow Fishes, Oil on Painting Board, 11,8x15,7 inch, 2000, 460 Euro.
Tags: animals, water, underwater landscapes, fishes, corals, underwater, heads, people, pu 04 yellow fishes, surrealisme, germany, people and animals, oil on painting board
heiste Painting, Oil