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Autumn Fire Canada's best season is the Fall, it delivers the most gorgeous flaming colours. Hidden gems like these make me proud and thankful to be Canadian. We are a country in which we get to experience all four seasons with beautiful discoveries secluded all over. Taken in Gatineau Park, QC.
Tags: autumn, fall, flame
ShaunaMuldoon Photography, Colour
Old Flame Just doodling and playing around with my dark thoughts..., thus - Old Flaming.
ehnriko Computer Graphics
Hot Flames TITLE: Hot Flames SIZE: 30 x 40 x x 3cm MEDIUM: Acrylic YEAR: 2004
abiliciouz Painting, Acrylic
Lust in flames
awills Painting, Acrylic
Under Flames Feeling as if I'm lost in the flames of hell. Here I'm showing that life on earth (at times) really seems as if we're in hell. The greatest quote comes from a Wailers song called "Time Will Tell." Bob Marley states in song "Think you're in heaven, but you're living in hell."
nthibodeau Photography, Colour
Boston12 Drawing, Charcoal
Flames Oil on 16 x 20 stretched canvas. Brush texture.
vickykeeling Painting, Oil
Autumn Flame Inspired by the vivid colours of autumn in Central Otago. Fallen leaves are windswept over the richly coloured canvas and then settle in their eternal resting place. Oil on stretched artists canvas Dimensions: 255 mm X 305 mm
MirandaReynolds Painting, Oil
Flamengo !!!! Flamengo !!!!
Priscila Cartoons
Knowledge From the Flame As you know, the Greeks invented the Olympic Games. This makes me really proud to be of Greek descent and gives me the courage and the knowledge to accomplish most of my goals. This peice of work means alot to me because upon completing it I feel as though I have accomplished a goal. I wanted the fire to stand out instead of the two people...
catzpaw Computer Graphics