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Sakhalin Flora In the summer, many beautiful species of flowers bloom in Sakhalin. Many of them come into bloom in the city, while others in isolated parts of the forests. I don't know the exact name of many of these flowers and would appreciate help from Russian members or anyone who knows the names.
Floral Photographs
Floral photography

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A Growing Revelation by Flora Kim My personal experience of inclusion was as if I was growing because I drew this artwork with the intention of showing the growth of my intrapersonal part of myself becoming even more interpersonal (than before) BECAUSE of the moments of inclusion I’ve experienced with my friends.
TIGstaff Drawing, Pencil-crayon
MS 172 in Floral Park NY
mborger Photography, Black and White
MS 172 in Floral Park NY
mborger Photography, Black and White
kranikh Ink, Pen
Flora flow
roxsweetie Photography, Colour
A Floral Self Portrait A self portrait under a different art name. It is one that I saw of a fashion from sex and the city.
diana7 Painting, Acrylic
Flora Flora - woman's soul, the eternal spring. Original painting in Erato's unique style.
erato Painting, Acrylic
Funky Flora This painting is 4 foot by 3 foot and I had a lot of fun with the big shapes and the bright colors!
kelleyjar Painting, Acrylic