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Fog During these days I have been working on amplifying my horizons, walking through uncertain paths, unexpected fog, facing rocks impossible to move or change. Facing a different life. It is OK to be lost, to experiment and find new paths in life and to appreciate the ones we have already crossed. And to find the simplicity and joy for life.
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Yosemite Panoramic.
Tags: california, sunset, silhouette, trees, color, pink. clouds, beautiful, waterfall, yosemite, fog
sophallyssa Photography, Colour
Fog in the Amazon jungle Fog in the Amazon jungle
Tags: amazon, rainforest, jungle
whereisfabrice Photography, Colour
Fog a fog in Kamniska Bistrica-clean water and lichen make an air great to breath in:)
urssulasss Photography, Colour
Foggy Morning in Växjö, Sweden This photo captures the melancholical, but oh so beautiful autumn feeling in Sweden. The fog makes everything silent, and the air smells of old leaves and water. The bench on the photo would be the perfect place to sit and think about the world and the universe and how precious nature is to us.
sanakan Photography, Colour
Golden fog through the aperture of hayloft
Baluk Photography, Colour