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Submissions (14)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Four Squares by Joyce Moment of inclusion
TIGstaff Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Four Hunters with Bull 3 Four Hunters with Bull 3, Watercolor/Indian Ink, 18,7x25,2 inch, 1989, 410 Euro.
Tags: animals, four hunters with bull 3, africain impressions, figurativ, africa, people and animals, watercolor/indian ink
heiste Painting, Watercolour
The Power Of Equality it is four colored hands touching
Tags: four, hands, colored, power, equality
floydthebarber Computer Graphics
Four Flowers Quick rendition of some potted flowers.
EugeneMontagna Drawing, Pastel
obaykal Computer Graphics
The four sides of Mos Def Pencil, a multitextured play of line and shading that is broken up into four sections.
JamesGallardo Drawing, Pencil
Four Flower Sets (postcards)
joconda Painting, Watercolour
Four Fathers
thecavallogallery Painting