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Submissions (14)

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Frog on Drum - By Jeffery Acrylic on deerskin. This stylized frog is formed in an exuberant electric blue with bright yellow and red reliefs that beautifully highlight anatomical features. The artist chose a black background which lends an illusion that the frog is floating in the centre of the drum.
Tags: frog, drum, indigenous, first nations, youth, painting
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Frog A frog ready to have lunch. done entirely with ink dots
Tags: frog
zghannawi Ink, Pen
Open Your Eyes Everyone on this planet has the right to a clean, healthy, beautiful home to live in. Everyone has the right for this home to exist for their children, their grandchildren, and future generations to come. Every human has a right to be able to see all the diverse species of animals and plants living on Earth. Therefore, I believe the most...
Tags: frog, reptile, tiger, owl, environment, planet, green, animal, human
Qc Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Ze Tree Frog Just a little tree frog, being cute.
LindseyRoss87 Mixed Media
JURI Photography, Colour
Frogs Frogs are everywhere and can make good drawings through repetitions of various parts, good fabric design or painting can be derived.
simonwel Drawing, Pencil
Froggyback Ride
bgarcia1031 Drawing, Pencil
Frog Art Frog on Leaf
logicalife Painting, Oil
Frog Dude this is a cute little froggy dude, just hangin' out! :P
breslin Drawing, Pencil-crayon