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Oh That's Funny Oh that's funny, yes was a bitter look at some peoples fakeness or flaws, however whos never thought that atleast one person they have met, will do anything to be accepted.?
bobbiemck Markers
Funny norg Stamp, from Microsoft really adds to the drama of the pic. I like the black and white of the faces and hands.
pebbles Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Funny Photo LOL!! At: World Wild Life Zoo, Surprize, Arizona
youthforchange Photography, Colour
Funny Animal There are many things and animals alive on Earth. But people thin that they know everything. That is not true. There are a lot of mysterious and unresearched things in our world.
salamat92 Drawing, Pencil
It is not funny. Nilson y Mario son dos chicos pobres. Viven con su padre en la localidad de Varela. Todos los d
damianprofeta Photography, Colour
That Funny Pub Creativiy distinguish people... at the middle of a bycicle road in Utrecht - Holland, a funny pub crossed close to me... I took It August 2003 with a fuji camera. Originally Jumbo size.
Latin Photography, Colour
Jokes are funny - Racism isn't! In my school there is a lot of diversity, so I created this poster to make people think about racial jokes that are made before they laugh!
Computer Graphics