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Gender Equality The world needs Gender Equality
cdcindia Mixed Media
Gender Violence By Carolina Benitez Cristaldo
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Gender equality Artist(s): Dorine Maureen Johnross Caleb Organization: Kenya Telecentres Link Description: This media calls for gender equality in our local community. Girls are subjected to many responsibilities more than the boys, which hinders their active participation in education especially technology. Most parents therefore prefer to educate the boy...
ayv Photography, Black and White
gender equality poster Through international cooperation and borderless networks, women’s voices started to be heard more and their voice started to be more effective in different communities. Change start by all of you.
tarina Collage
Gender boy and girl IV BOY:It shows the mix of men and women.It is the asset of two very exquisite gender. GIRL:Gender equality, it shows the mix of genders and each piece is unique
racheltaylor Painting
Promote Gender Equity The Art work was produced in Oria Abraka community in Ethiope East Local Government of Delta State Nigeria During the cause of a breakthrough initiative by Life Builders Team of Stay Alive Organization. The work was done to empower young people and as at today they youths are already producing and selling this nature of works to earn a living...
bomely Mixed Media
Goal 3: Promote Gender Equality Created by Alex, Marwa, and Souad.
thesweatervest Painting
Fabric Frame:Gender Equality and Empower Women
phunkyhippie Mixed Media
gender bender
petrapaul Photography, Black and White