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NATURE'S GIFT This is a pictorial and artwork collection of the gifts nature can offer.this exhibition is intended to show the world that it is a good idea to preserve nature for the beauty of it and to satisfy the biodivesity needs.We see nature through the eye and apreciate the nature's gift through many other means.
Gifts and commissions What better for an artist than to be commissioned!??! Besides that or selling, it might be the emotional satisfaction and reward of a loved one receiving a gift which is unique and filled with passion and dedication.

Submissions (16)

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Receive the gift of Literacy I feel that the future of our world rests on children thus it becomes extremely important to educate each and every child and gift him/her the most precious gift of education.
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil
Hidden Gift Autism In this artwork, Mahmoud is addressing one big issue in our society, that he believes it's a global issue too! It's about autism and how the society sees those children and especially in their schools where they usually are being bullied; Mahmoud is sending a message to the world to understand that they are gifted in a different way!
ayv Cartoons
Gift of Hope See Rivania explain why she made this media piece at:
Tags: ayv bonaire
dmartinus Computer Graphics
A Better Sri Lanka The 62nd National Day of Sri Lanka was Celebrated on Febrauary 4th 1010.
Tags: adhisha, sri lanka, gif
adhisha Flash Animation
Diplomatic Gift From Friend Darko Trifunovic One of my favorite gifts From Darko
lpcyu Photography, Colour
A gift of livelihood
girlesau Mixed Media
Gifts of health
girlesau Mixed Media
JURI Photography, Colour
JURI Cartoons
Gifts of Nature Created by students age 15 years old at Etimesgut Anatolian High School in Ankara, Turkey.