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Submissions (7)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Save me This earth was made for all beings not just human beings.
Tags: white, planet, earth, animal, save, life, blue, tree, nature, green, giraffe
hakob_kojoyan Mixed Media
giraffe crazyeyed
Lovke Photography, Digitally Manipulated
giraffe at adelaide zoo
Tags: giraffe, animal
AmandiH Photography, Colour
Giraffe Feeding time
daniellenilsson Photography, Colour
Portrait of a Giraffe This is 8x10 4B graphite. Before they put in a bunch of rollercoaster’s at a local marine world, the giraffes and flamingos were my absolute favorite animals there. :-)
WhiteLucidity Drawing, Pencil
Young Giraffe
Eccoblue Photography, Colour