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Girls Belong Too A Girls' Empowerment Group was created at Strawberry Hill Elementary to promote self-esteem in our students from many different cultures. Our group instills the belief that girls have the right and the ability to be in positions of power and influence. Girls matter and belong.
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Girl in Green
Girls Painting Acrilic on canvas
Anime Girls Anime girl Drawings

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BE THE CHANGE. There is no planet B. We have to take care of the one we have.
Tags: planet, environment, white, green, blue, girl, woman, angel
hakob_kojoyan Mixed Media
The Girl in the Box I am an intern at Urgent Inc. I have seen many girls my age struggle with their self worth and body image. Confidence stems from self-acceptance and inner beauty. This film portrays a young girl that although she was loved by the public she didn’t want that life. She was tired of conforming to societal standards and released herself from their...
Tags: #UrgentInc #FACE
ruthpoint Mixed Media
Metamorphosis (The process of transforming from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.) In the depths of quarantine, the only constant I had was myself. I turned to my art to delve into me, a subject I'd never worked with before.
Tags: sky, self portrait, photography, blue, woman, girl, earth, move, nature, outside
et221 Photography, Colour
Take a moment to breathe well being for me is to take a moment to breathe, to appreciate all the thing that surround us, watch the sky, feel the air and breathe
Tags: flowers, plants, sun, sky, girl,
lauravjean Computer Graphics
The Girl Who is Trying This is about a girl who’s trying to save the last bits of nature that’s left in the world. We all think that we don’t have to do anything for nature. We think that if we just sit here and do nothing that and everything will solve itself out. We just think that if we don’t do anything it doesn’t matter because someone else is doing something...
Tags: Beresponsible, weareapartofnauture, natureisapartofus
kristinemarija Mixed Media
One book one girl campaign Providing quality education for children in Sierra Leone. I have been visiting schools in order to see them access quality education for a positive country and a better world education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world access to quality education in Sierra Leone has been a serious challenge and most girls have left...
Samshekamoi Photography, Black and White
Save the Girl Child in the world Safura Sayyad of grade 8, Jaihind Public School, Udgir, Maharashtra, India expressing her thoughts about saving the girl child which is a perennial problem in India
Tags: #savethegirlchild
clannapurna Drawing, Pencil
The dancing girls We have a festival in Petit Goave and the people dance in the street. These girls are my friends and they have a dance team. Sometimes I dance with them.
Tags: dancing, girls
haitiocean Photography, Colour
Girl power These girls in Haiti go to school together. They live in Petit Goave. They belong to Haiti Ocean Project and that makes them feel special.
Tags: girl power, petit goave
haitiocean Photography, Colour
Shenzhen’s Girl (By Yizhen Zhu) Early in the morning, there are white puffy clouds in the sky. I stroll along the boulevard with my puppy. Clouds fluttered the sky; great trees shaded the trail; and the scent of flowers refreshed my heart, all of these made me pleasurable and cheerful. This is Shenzhen, a beautiful and comfortable city.
JiaHuang Drawing, Crayon