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Off to a New Land This piece is a cross stitch that describes what it's like to travel from one country to another. The waves that rock the ship are like all the ups and downs that my family and I have experienced during our transition. It's about being brave and heading off to a new land for new adventures and a good life.
Tags: culture, travel, new land, globalization
MirnaEl Print
Culture Vs Globalization Two youth activists from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country which is liberal and Afghanistan is a fundamental Islamic country. they work together to promote human rights of young people in south Asia.
Tags: youth, sexual rights, human rights, south asia, hiv and aids, afghanistan, muslim, women rights, drug users
milinda Photography, Colour
World Friendship Bridge One of the biggest problems in the world right now as described by the iEARN 2010 youth is racial intolerance. This one problem is the root that branches out to become many of the other problems that ravage our world: war and poverty. Only through education and learning of one another’s culture can we bridge the gaps between our peoples. That is...
Tags: multiculturalism, diversity, unity, peace, world, bridge, globalization
Araf Painting, Watercolour
Sadness of Mother Globe Globalization and urbanization has had a negative impact on modern world. “Sadness of Mother Globe” represents the culture of continuous modernization and globalization replacing local norms and values that has been working to preserve this earth for ages.
Tags: globalization, nature, climate change, culture, youth, sadness of mother globe, globe
shenyll Mixed Media
Kangaroo Fish “Kangaroo Fish” represents cultural globalization. Inside its pouch, this hybrid kangaroo fish carries the different flavors of the local cultural fishes that it nurtures and influences in this global world. While some may look at the Kangaroo Fish, as the predator eating away the smaller local fishes, I look at the Kangaroo Fish as a new global...
Tags: kangaroo, fish, kangaroo fish, hybrid culture, hybrid, culture, global, local, globalization, glocal
shenyll Mixed Media
Hybrid Fishphant Hybrid Fishphant is a hybrid animal that is a combination of various other animals. It represents a hybrid global culture comprising of various elements of local customs, cultures, morals, and ethics. I look at the Hybrid Fishphant as representing a new global hybrid culture rooted and created on the basis of diverse and converging local...
Tags: animal, hybrid, fishphant, elephant, culture, hybrid culture, global, local, globalization, glocal
shenyll Mixed Media
Globalization and Media This painting represents how media has converted our world into a small village where everyone is as far from you as your television or computer screen... The painting shows different culture colors merging together without limits to constrain nor barriers..
Tags: globalization, media, culture
aliya87 Drawing, Pastel
Globalization and Media This artwork represents how media has converted our world into a small village where everone is as far from you as your computer or TV screen.
Tags: culture, media, globalization
aliya87 Drawing, Crayon
Globalization & AIDS: Movement of Whom? Economic globalization is often defined as the free movement of goods and objects around the globe. By placing the woman in a suitcase that carries products of major transnational companies as well, this picture conveys the message that globalization is not simply about the free movement of goods and objects but forced migration of people as...
Photography, Colour
Islam & Globalization
The-Eloquent-Warbler Photography, Digitally Manipulated