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Youth and their role in Good Governance Youth comment on Good Governance and how they can influence in Guyana
DO GOOD For the demolition of poverty In the existing of our life, I think we must do something good. Don't hesitate to DO GOOD, This world is full of plights people …

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Not Good-Good Kids for Kindness
Rebsmoon Drawing, Pencil-crayon
“Doing well by doing good” Be yourself in loving others. Believe in tomorrow. Bless others with your gift. Build great futures with great charity.
Tags: #fundraising
khadijakiran Markers
Walk right up to good food Food is what makes the world go around
khadijakiran Markers
Food: a prescription for good health Eat food but don’t waste it. There are many hungry and starving. We are lucky to have food but not everyone is. Eat responsibly
khadijakiran Painting
Live Good, Breathe Good and Grow Good To show other people how to take care of the earth and the effects of not taking care of it.
JozefKyle0930 Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Life with technology, education and relations in good environment To learn together with the world most enthusiastic and inspired groups of educators, leaders, practitioners and get a very deep insight into the what, why and how of the educational changes that have already started to come and will continue appearing as new challenges to us as educators.
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil
One inside the other//the bad one inside the good one By polluting your head, you also pollute the world. Before smoking, please, think about the meaning of your deeds to your health, to the health of other people and the health of our Earth.
Tags: Helathforourearth
kristinemarija Mixed Media
A good Future The drawing shows a kid's vision of the future, without pollution, with trees, animals and climate change mitigation.
marisolssv Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Let's See the Good This video was created as part of the AYV program at Fundación ph15. "The students of Fundación ph15' photography class worked on a collective project about discrimination. Many of them live in the neighbourood of Villa 15, also known as "ciudad oculta" (the invisible city). This is a place where social and cultural discrimination, and...
ayv Mixed Media
Let's See the Good where Everyone Sees Evil Part 9 This piece is part of a photography collection by Fundacion ph15 about discrimination and seeing the beauty within everyone.
ayv Photography, Black and White