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InnerCity This reflects the city I grew up in. I grew up in inner city Montreal, they is always graffiti on buildings. The bars also reflects a rugged edge and an urban perspective. Sometimes when people see Canada from an international perspective, they think we live in igloos but I know we don't and I wanted to reflect this through photography.
Tags: innercity, montreal, metro, graffiti
HarisA Photography, Colour
Graffitis Artist(s): Juan Pablo Zambon Organization: Asociacion Uruguaya de Difusion del Español como Lengua Extranjera Description: This posters were created by Juan Pablo, who wants to show us some Graffiti in our community. It's a good way to see what kind of world is this. You can see how great a Graffiti is and how problematic it also could be.
ayv Computer Graphics
Entrevista en TV Uruguaya (Oz Montania) Entrevista para canal 10, Montevideo (marzo 2010)
Tags: oz, montania, graffiti, fundacion, manuel, espinola, gomez
Pyrotaurus Photography, Colour
Infames- Oz vs Kast (time lapse graffiti) Fisura de pintura un fin de semana con Kast y Nate, Juanito saco mas de 3000 fotos que Jean Paul editó con paciencia oriental y salió esto.
Tags: infames, oz montania, montania, pyrotaurus, toro candil, kast, graffiti, montana, grafiti, blue, arte urbano, asunción, paraguay, stop motion, juan villamayor, jean paul dubois, adri peralta
Pyrotaurus Photography, Colour
Entrevista a Kast y Oz en Unicanal (junio/09) Aerosolic Art Up
Tags: kast, 48, oz, montania, asunción, paraguay, graffiti, unicanal, denisse, hutter
Pyrotaurus Photography, Colour
The Defacement Of Art My painting features a man, a “city worker”, painting a brick wall white. The brick wall he is painting presents a graffiti angel. This angel seems to be trying to fly, but at the same time pulled down slightly by some unseen force. The words “freedom of expression” are scrawled alongside the angel. This scene represents my feelings that the...
Tags: graffiti, defacement
JBas Painting, Acrylic
graffiti flavor Loud and proud colors in the last place I expected to find them. Someone couldn't resist trying to leave their stamp in the environs of the creek.
bumbuwazed Photography, Colour
Graffiti: Violencia a la Propiedad del Otro Proyecto de TIG y UNESCO: Lenguaje como Violencia, Violencia como Lenguaje.
miguelangel Photography, Colour