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Submissions (18)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Green This is a picture of a school campus. The cleaner the school, the happier the students.
Tags: campus, school, clean, grass, sky, trees
sophallyssa Photography, Colour
Rocky Mountains It reflects my personal Canadian identity because I believe that the nature in Canada is an important aspect of being Canadian. The rocky mountains are the most known mountains in Canada, which is why I encorporated it into the artwork. I also believe that the beauty of nature should be preserved for later generations.
Tags: canada, rocky, mountians, grass, trail, flag
RachelleP Mixed Media
Don't Hide What's Really Happening I am worried about the way we use up our resources, and how our nature is slowly deteriorating, and we are just covering it up. We need to step it up and save our nature before its to late. I made this picture like a poster, and its ripped to show whats really underneath.
Tags: pollution, canada, tree, water, lake, mountains, grass, bush, green, smog, cloud, charcoal, paint, factory, rip
TFCupcake Mixed Media
set your feet on the..grass snikers, foot on the grass
Tags: eyselpeyt, tiged, jaysonhel
heifezi Photography, Colour
ECO BUSINESS POSTER Go green in your business.
Tags: green, grass, briefcase, business
jocelyncharli Print
Snowing flakes Snowing in Rome, Italy. Happens around once every 20 years. Detail of grass covered in snow.
Tags: grass, snow, snowflake, rome
scaccomatto Photography, Colour
The lady grass cutter The job of cutting grass by sickle to earn a living in North Indian villages generally is taken up by women folk.They are commonly called as "Ghasiyaran" in hindi language.
b9 Photography, Colour
Muri eating grass My cat eating her daily portion of grass. Cats need to eat some grass everyday in order to be able to cope with parts of their fur that they swallow while cleaning themselves more times a day.
eszter Photography, Colour
Miracle of the BLade of Grass May this be a light that brings hope to the youth struggling in Macedonia and all over the world.
clarita Computer Graphics
The Gone Grasslands In the olden days, there could be a common view of the nomadic communities taking care of their livestock as they grazed them along the stretch of the grasslands. This is no more with the decrease of the grasslands available to graze the cattle. This is because of our activities that are bringing about global warming that are threatening our...
erioch Mixed Media