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The journey from Grey to Green - Our move to sustainability Our environment is under distress and it is not a hidden fact anymore. The threat it is facing right now is alarming and it is our duty to save it before it gets too late. As inhabitants of this earth, everyone must come together as It’s time for nature to nurture. Human activities, such as the use of fossil fuels, deforestation and...
globalgallery Painting, Acrylic
grey sunk in scilence...
asis Drawing, Pencil
Message on the Pavement Here is a message written on a London pavement. I think it could have been written by a homeless person.
Tags: tom, laine, pavement, note, square, writing, clue, warn, thank, you, reminder, message, grey, poker, stripped, poster, card, suit, pattern, remains, clues, advert, print, danger, door, gate, fence, warning, locked, mesh, closed, yellow, black, blocked
catflap108 Photography, Colour
Wrath of the landscape The answer to the misuse done due to reckless use of fuel, plastics, and tons of environmental pollutants is a huge uproar from the nature. The deteriorating global natural resources, endangered species and water scarcity are the examples. "Wrath of the landscape" in 30 x 30 cm deep cancas, acrylics
Tags: artist divya sekar, acrylic, canvas, deep canvas, red, blue, silver, metallic, ochre, grey, wrath of the landscape
Divyasekar Painting, Acrylic
African Grey Parrot
Tam87 Photography, Colour
The grey and the green This view from the top floor restaurant of my hotel shows again the contrasts which can be found in NYC. You can see the bridge and surrounding dull grey tall buildings, stretching as far as the eye can see, but also the vibrant greens of the island - a rebellious burst of nature amongst the man-made signs of modern civilisation.
Rapscallion Photography, Colour
The-Eloquent-Warbler Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Red Clams and Grey Banana's This represents a scene in my studio where a young and lovely lady joined me for dinner and we had red clams for an appetizer and after a great meal and wonderful dessert, I proposed a toast with Louis the 14th Brandy and she excused herself to go dancing with the young crowd, because I was an old grey banana.
SABO Painting, Oil