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Peace In Our Hands The purpose of my art is to spread awareness about world peace. Maintaining peace is up to the countries and their people. We can have a united world and have peace in spite in difference of cultures and religions, difference in views & opinions. The hands here depict the various countries of the world who can if worked on maintain world peace...
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil-crayon
The Planet in our Hands The hand holding the planet is symbolic and it wants to leave the message that we should take care of Planet Earth, otherwise, one day, we may lose it.
Tags: environment, pollution, rising temperature
JEJD-MAT Drawing, Pencil
THE FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS Awareness to what we can do to help our Mother Earth
denisejan Markers
Climate Change and Our Powerful Hands My artwork tells that if we do not avoid doing bad things to the earth it will be destroyed. My artwork shows and tell us that the future of our mother earth is in our hands. It is up to us if we will take care of it to last it forever or we will destroy it by polluting and suffer consequences like climate change.
kielreyes Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Our World is in Our Hands I created this concept/art because we all know that our world functions with the hands of humans. We abuse our capability and now the world is suffering with the abuse of power.
Moondi Computer Graphics
The future is in our hands Нас вдохновили проблемы человечества. Мы хотим решить их
yavorovskaya18 Painting, Acrylic
Three Hands Aurora Escobedo is a junior filmmaker at Littleglobe, and she created this mixed-media piece about the protests and racial justice for Episode 4 of LIttleglobe TV.
YouthMedia Mixed Media
Washing your hands Lavarse las manos cuida tu cuerpo
Tags: water
CarlosChiu Collage
Washing your hands Necesitamos el agua para lavarnos las manos y cuidar nuestra salud
Tags: water, health
CarlosChiu Collage
Nature’s loving hands Most times many people forget that we live because of the trees.
Tags: nature, trees
SHAMU Computer Graphics