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Three Hands Aurora Escobedo is a junior filmmaker at Littleglobe, and she created this mixed-media piece about the protests and racial justice for Episode 4 of LIttleglobe TV.
YouthMedia Mixed Media
Washing your hands Lavarse las manos cuida tu cuerpo
CarlosChiu Collage
Washing your hands Necesitamos el agua para lavarnos las manos y cuidar nuestra salud
CarlosChiu Collage
Nature’s loving hands Most times many people forget that we live because of the trees.
SHAMU Computer Graphics
All hands on deck! Save the ocean! All creatures in the ocean are getting affected adversely because of the actions of man. The same hand that destroys can also save. It’s time to change our mindset and start protecting our creatures because if we don’t, we too will perish like them. Bibliography: we took inspiration from a poster on save the Arctic on the Internet....
Tags: environment, climate change, ocean awareness, global warming, Suncity School
clannapurna Painting
The Helping Hands My name is Kayedance, I am 10 years old in grade 5. My artwork is people helping others and symbolizes respect, love and peace.
tigteam Drawing, Pastel
Two Hands by Chen This drawing represents inclusion because the two hands of opposite colours are reaching out for each other, symbolizing friendship between people of different cultures or religions.
TIGstaff Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Ypung hands at work Celebrating International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) on May 22nd 2014, our Green Club at The Universal American School chose to plant three Ficus baby trees. Ficus is a wide-spreading evergreen tree with curtains of aerial roots, shiny grey-green and white-splashed leaves that does extremely well in the UAE heat. This planting shared...
simvedvyas Photography, Colour
Please Join Hands And Stop This Change Artist(s): Amos Willy Organization: Arid Lands Information Network Description: 'Please join hands and stop this change' is a still photo that depicts climate change effects and calls for joint efforts in stopping climate change. It shows effects of climate change like how lands have become bare and unproductive. It also shows how water has...
ayv Photography, Colour
Hands, fingers and handicrafts / Des mains et des doigts pour l’artisanat This woman sews for a living. Here, she stitches a garment that she can later sell. Canada provides loans to entrepreneurs to strengthen productivity and economic output. -- Cette femme vit de la couture. Ici, elle coud un vêtement qu’elle pourra ensuite vendre. Le Canada accorde des prêts à des entrepreneurs pour accroître la productivité et le...
mfurdyk Photography, Colour