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A world without happiness I wanted to show my perspective of the future world, where there is no happiness due to death.
globalgallery Cartoons
The Bigger Picture I strongly believe that the biggest prison most live in is the fear of what others see them as, what others cognize about them. Some people question all the positive things they hear about anyone, yet we believe every single ‘ imperfect ’ thing without a single thought. The stark reality is that we are so glorified by the happiness of others...
Tags: beyourself, youarecomplete, youareenough, nooneisperfect, beproudofwhoyou, dontcompareyourself, dontchnageforanyone, behappy, beabetteryou, positivity, selfcare, selflove, happiness, justified, life, you, nooneelse, blog, writer
manyakhemka Mixed Media
Day of Summer In this collage i try to representante a world of little people enjoying a sunny day, i inspired in movies like arrietty and the borrowers
Tags: sunny, sun, happiness, collage
lauravjean Collage
Happiness is well beings. Pictures shows the love of happinesss.
Tags: graphicdesign
mridulcharles Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Peace, Love, Happiness Created by students age 10 at Sunset Elementary School in Miami, Florida USA.
Tags: peace, happiness
PTPIGYM Painting
ms-Gurwinder Painting
Butterfly Girl child, nature, man in peace with nature, naive in nature
Tags: smile, happiness, child, butterfly, enviroment protection
CrinaMB Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Portrait of Happiness This is one of my projects from school, I tried to show the happiness of a child and how children get excited so easily. Something really special that not anyone can keep during all his life.
kuthe Painting, Oil
Footsteps Towards Green Happiness This art piece is created to encourage people to work towards a sustainable life by controlling our CO2 emissions. The two large 350s signifies the safe upper limit of CO2 in the atmosphere. The footsteps are personified; they smile for the better environment. The small decorations in the background also indicate the happy life in the greener...
Jessicazshiny Collage
sureshkainthola Photography, Black and White