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A Gurung mother from the central hills of Nepal The old lady, wearing her ethnic jewellry, is anxiously peering at the valley below longing for the safe arrival of her son, who is a Gurkhas in the British Army.She lives a frugal life, prays to the Himalayan Gods and lives a simple life. Her very existence depends on the money brought by her precious son.

Submissions (24)

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Life in the Hills of St Elizabeth Photographer: Latoya Jackson Artistic effects: Khaiwana Williams This picture symbolizes the love our young people have for each other, as the picture shows a young boy providing shade for a young lady
Tags: love, unity
Khaiwana Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Rolling Hills of Derbyshire The oil on canvas I painted of the landscape at sundown in Derbyshire, England
Tags: hills, landscape, england, sunset, sundown, farm
-Caroline- Painting, Oil
My Little Friend in the Chismaute Hills A small girl playing with a small pull toy in the hills over Chismaute village in Ecuador.
Tags: ecuador, chismaute, kids
zacmosphere Photography, Colour
Lisbon hills Old shoes, metal, tape, paper and plastic grass.
Vanessasantos Sculpture
Heavenly Blue The lands of our neighbors.
Tags: country, views, hills
Mezmoreyes Photography, Colour
Chocolate Hills The chocolate hills, is called so because of the brownish color of the hills during dry season, is one of the tourist attractions in Bohol, Philippines. The picture was taken during the rainy season that's why it's green. There are over 200 tiny hills in this area.
sandygaspay Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Beauty of Hills This pic is from Himalayas...the abode to a multitude of flora and fauna.
matrixuni Photography, Colour
Sunset in the hills A common site in the fields of Saskatchewan! This was a summer sunset in early July 2006. Rural life may seem quiet at sunset, but when the sun goes down, the instruments and music come out!
ginaSaskatoon Photography, Colour
The Hills Have Eyes Available in various sizes
abiliciouz Painting, Acrylic
Otago Hills NZ This work is a commisioned piece for my future brother and sister in law. They were engaged in New Zealand and this image holds special memories for them
oblgar Painting, Oil