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Home Sweet Home This piece is my new Canadian home. I have a large family and our new house is very cozy. We love when it snows and we can all be together in our new house. This house looks very different from our old house, but it's special because it's Canadian.
Tags: home sweet home, home, canada
MirnaEl Print
My Island Paradise-Home Sweet Home! This photo was taken from my backyard! It's not that often that we get great sunsets in my area. Imagine my excitement when I looked out the kitchen window and saw this bit of art by nature! So serene yet fiery. I love this contrast!
Sautu Photography, Colour
Home Sweet Home This sweet little Princess and her fairy cat are waiting at the end of a winding river to welcome you to their home... A beautiful castle sitting atop a hill scattered with wild daisies. It's the perfect ending to a beautiful day as dusk settles in on the horizon. Won't you join the fun?
peanutbutterkidz Painting, Acrylic