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Homelessness and mental health The impact on individuals due to homelessness or poverty, they are ignored by the rest of society and face internal turmoil mentally.
atariq Markers
Despair of Homelessness This painting depicts the disparities of homelessness, especially in youth. There is a young individual who from the surroundings seems like he is in poverty, on the wall there is writing that says "help me" basically he is asking for help but there is no one to support him, this is something many feel portrayed by the shadows on the wall above,...
atariq Painting, Acrylic
Abandonados [Abandoned] Text reads: "ABANDONED in the streets" // "Grandparents// I hope we change our attitude" Moisés Rudas Poma - Blue Sparrow Huari, Huancayo, Perú
Tags: homelessness, human rights, elderly
bluesparrow Photography, Digitally Manipulated