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Sunset at Ilha do Mel picture taken at Honey Island (Ilha do Mel), in State of Paraná, Brazil
Tags: lsland, honey, sunset, peace
ivanbigas Photography, Black and White
Honey Though a hive of bees needs to fly over 50,000 kilometers to produce one jar of honey, the honey doesn't have to fly the same distance to our plates. This farmer can't compete with the infrastructure and advertising options of modern food corporations--instead, we simply get the assurance that the honey is fresh and undeniably local. Thanks...
MaryanneC Photography, Colour
Trees for change,traditional beehives & honey bee forage ! The pictures were taken in Naivasha-Kenya.Just to show another important use of trees !
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Happy 50th, Honey! NANOART - Limited edition prints. The artist imaged a micro air bubble created under vacuum in an epoxy resin, using an electron microscope. The monochromatic scan has been painted and manipulated digitally. The final image is printed on canvas with archival inks. The prints last for a long time without deteriorating, when kept in adequate...
criorf Print
Honey Pots a little closer as before
69 Sculpture
Honey Pots A fluid sensual form. Fibreglass, 6ft x10ftx15ft
69 Sculpture