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Horse Drawings Horsey Drawings
Horse Photos Manipulated photos of horses ....

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zodiac animal, horse It is a combination of our project work(after reading a folk tale story).
Sabrina712 Mixed Media
Horseman of Stibera Authors: Martin Bogoeski, Angela Karabeleska Organization: Primary school Krume Volnaroski Students explore the ancient monuments of Stibera, made by marble. They learn photoshop elements, photography, editing.
ayv Computer Graphics
VU 17 Gallopping Horse Herd 1 VU 17 Gallopping Horse Herd 1, Mixed Media and Ferroprint, 20,9x15 inch, 2008, 510 Euro.
Tags: animals, horses, visual universes, surrealisme, germany
heiste Mixed Media
Musical Horse Painting This is a painted version of my musical horse picture. I used acrylic on canvas.
labellasorella Painting, Acrylic
CARMARGUE SUNSET Riding a horse in Mediterranean sea, at sunset, in the french Camargue area (South of France, French Riviera)
Tags: france, camargue, sunset, horse, sea, mediterranea
ReneBrichaux Drawing, Pastel
zubiaimran Painting, Acrylic
zubiaimran Painting, Acrylic
Running Horse Oil on Canvas, Size 36" * 24 " Rs. 30,000/-
D8 Painting, Oil
Brave Stallion This piece represents me and how I felt when I first came to Canada. I felt like a new person who was a brave person, strong, independent and eager to explore like a stallion running wild. I am proud of myself and my family for coming to Canad and I want to do my best to be strong and successful in the future. I want to be free and wild like a...
Tags: brave, stallion, horse, canada
MirnaEl Print
Princess likes me A very friendly horse. I believe her mice behavior to humans is because she is surrounded by people who respect animals.
Tags: horse, princess, respect to nature
MusicalGaby Photography, Digitally Manipulated