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3D Architectural Hotel Exterior CGI Design 3D Architectural Hotel Exterior CGI Design and Animation by Yantram Studio.
Tags: exterior, architectural, cgi, design, residential, commercial, property, industrial, hotel, rendering, 3d walkthrough, visualization, animation, studio, 3d rendering, 3d exterior rendering, 3d exterior visualization, 3d exterior design
yantramstudio Mixed Media
Sureal Barbados Used a bunch of photos from a family photo album on Picasa.
Tags: path, hotel, sky, ocean, concrete
darhcik Collage
Heart Break Hotel I started this when I was heart broken. Go figure eh? Anyways, it just kept going and going and now this is what it is!
LindseyRoss87 Ink, Pen
Layout Palais Royal Hotel
sassisassoon Painting, Watercolour
Hotel on the Hill This beautiful hotel offers some nice views of the Pacific Ocean. Of course, the hotel I stayed in has better views, but it's exterior isn't exactly a work of art.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
From Another Window In The Hotel The weather had changed to blue skies later in the week and here is another good snapshot of the contrast between old and new in Vilnius.
Rapscallion Photography, Colour
Empty Hotel Room Hotel room in Rhodes, Greece at the Paradise Hotel.
catzpaw Photography, Colour
View from the hotel window This is one of the main images I associate with New York - the high buildings, in this case mostly apartment blocks, the blue summer skies and the diversity in architecture and design evident from the variety of different structures. To me this one photo really helps to capture part of the spirit of the city.
Rapscallion Photography, Colour
Intercontinental Hotel An image of intercon Kenya, a very luxurious hotel in the country with accomodation and meals costing well over $500 per night. Many people, locals and internationals board there. Just accross the road, street children linger around having nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep. The discrepancies brought about by this painting are there in all...
mmtairo Painting, Watercolour
Hotels "Burj Al Arab" and " Jumairah Beach " Hotels in Dubai.
GoldenEagle Photography, Colour