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Bhutan Beauty 16 years old two young volunteers who work with school students to promote sexual and reproductive health information.
milinda Photography, Colour
long live Fifth Druk Gyalpo(King) of Bhutan YES Bhutan Country net work and YES member joins the hand with the nation with prayer, love and care in the nation great celebration Coronation and Centenary Celebration of Hundred years of Monarchy and Coronation for the Fifth King of Bhutan. Pelden Drukpa Lha gelo long live our King
TANDIN Photography, Colour
Human rights of children in Bhutan.. Children in Bhutan are treated as slaves and does not enjoys any rights as a human beings. They are denied their rights to go to school and other basic rights. More then 25 thousands of the southern Bhutanese childrens were made homeless when Bhutan absolute monarch implimented the infamous ethnic cleansing in 1990 and 1991. Now they are... Photography, Colour