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Impacts of our Footprints With the increasing amount of emissions as a result of industries, we see the direct impact on our natural systems. These natural systems go beyond the melting glaciers that are depicted in this work. We must change our carbon emissions so that our natural systems are protected and our livelihoods are sustained.
Tags: climate change, economic, fossil fuels, emissions
sabatino Painting, Acrylic
Impact of Climate Change on the Earth! Ritika Vinayak Bhonge of Grade 8th, Swami Vivekananda International School, Pawnar, Wardha, Maharashtra, India, has expressed her concern about the over all impact of climate change on the Earth.
Tags: #globalwarming, #decarbonize, #savetrees, #saveenvironment, #protectozonelayer
clannapurna Mixed Media
TakingITGlobal TakingITGlobal is my mentor. A school from which I benefit a lot from. A solution provider that inspired me, informed me and involved me. This is saying 'thank you' in my little language!
Tags: impact
ekwuruke Drawing, Pencil
Making an Impact I wanted to show how we could all make an impact by even doing the smallest things.
dfox Drawing, Pencil
Midrand Primary Impact Action Plan Poster The message we trying to convey is that recycling of material can save our planet and in this poster, recycling of paper can save lot of trees which are home to some animals.
gntshabele Photography, Colour
Mask: Endangered Animals and the Impact on the Environment by: Chelsea Smith My mask shows how animals should not be treated the way that they are being treated. Different colours, shapes, features and details of my masks all mean different things. The colours of my mask represent the animals with their real fur ripped off and blood showing. I have made these animals different shapes to show that all sizes and species...
Tags: animals, sad, scared, environment
JNeville Sculpture
One Impact Sydney Truelove, age 15, Stratford Central Seccondary School, Ontario One Impact Everyone has the right to an education. The crushing cycles of illiteracy can be broken. We can do many things to help with this major issue. We can make the people aware, make everyone aware of what is happening in our world.
Drawing, Pastel