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Do Something To Improve As quarantine hits. Staf gets bored and has nothing to do. Sitting in front of tv all day became boring and now Staf must find a way to get out of boredom. Little did he know that boredom led to depression. One day Staf sat on the couch and was just scrolling through channels. It was miserable. So Staf decided to go get some fresh air then...
StafJean Mixed Media
Improve our living conditions Artist(s): Srikanth Panigrahy Organization: Youth for Social Development This photo tell thousand words how children living in difficult circumstance and unsafe living conditions in slums in Berhampur city.
ayv Photography, Colour
Stories of the Elderly Once there was once there wasn't.KAL students are doing a community project called Stories of the Elderly.
Tags: elderly, youth, mental health, interactions, improve
buket Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health Created by Heather, Bailey, Yitai, and Andrea.
thesweatervest Painting