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Whitelees Insect Boxes

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Insects Each insect has a proper benefit to the nature, to the people also
RuhiyyeMahmudov Painting
Dead Leaf Praying Mantis, Deroplatys desiccata Snapped in Malaysia, this is the most amazing Praying Mantis I have ever seen! It's camouflage reflects the leaf litter it hunts in - clearly another forest species worth protection.
Tags: dead leaf praying mantis, forest, insect, wildlife
tara88 Photography, Colour
Fluorescent Butterfly Truly a "Mariposa" of a different species.
Tags: butterflies, butterfly, mariposa, insect
Mezmoreyes Photography, Colour
Flying Insect Bees
lemur974 Photography, Colour
Flyng insect
lemur974 Photography, Colour