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Submissions (13)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Inspiration sleep Pencil on paper, 30 cm / 40 cm
Tags: illustration, pencil, paper, art
iovraluca Drawing, Pencil
They've Made a Difference Created by students ages 16-17 years old at Srednja Skola Oroslavje in Croatia. Winner, Global Youth Murals Project 2009
Tags: peace, friendship, inspiration
PTPIGYM Mixed Media
INSPIRATION says the storyteller the feature as an early form of how people shared stories
Tags: change
jenergy Painting, Acrylic
the inspiration using islamic pattern in artistec way to create a pice of art...
Tags: culture
a7med1987 Drawing, Pastel
Inspiration board This is an insightful as well as creative activity. It requires you to think about where you want to go and your direction in life, your interests, likes and dislikes but it can be a board of almost anything you can make it.
Tags: inspiration
HiddenArtess Photography, Digitally Manipulated
inspiration The ideas one has within and releasing those ideas into the physical world creating reality.
jackiehaltom Painting
Inspiration for Now A Message to Move Forward
diana7 Markers
Nature - the greatest inspiration
yaelhelen Painting, Acrylic
Silence Is an Inspiration Silence is an inspiration... Silence inspires a sound to be heared more clearly and distinct. like the human head (in the art work), showing the perceptual organ related is silence and sound perception - the ear - and the face reflecting a silent mood, it could be seen that the face sprang up out of the shadowy; out of one infinite form of...
sammiewordax Painting, Watercolour
Power Strength & Inspiration 'This pose reminds me of Malcolm X.' -TDZ
dalla Photography, Black and White