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My Quarantine Thanks to my current internship at Urgent Inc. I was able to get inspired and create this short film. The purpose behind it was to show how quarantine was for me and how I believe was for the rest of the world. During this pandemic we had a lot of free time. Which most of the time I would spend watching tik tok or doing nothing. However, I found...
Tags: internship, creativity, quarantine
alli_aaa Mixed Media
Quarantine Entertainment The purpose of this picture is to show how Tik Tok has become something we all use in our daily life. It's a platform that allows us to be creative and have a voice. During this quarantine Tik Tok became the principal source of entertainment for most of us. I got inspired to shoot this photograph when I was using this app. It came to my...
Tags: quarantine, TikTok, entertainment, internship
alli_aaa Photography, Colour