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Intersections Intersections are here and everywhere. Places where people and cultures meet. For one, a moment of change. For others, a new direction in an instant. Words blend with sound and become noise. Smell collides with image and becomes sensation. Mind and heart beat and become emotion. A metropolitan reality, but not a city. No space. Free from time....

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The biggest intersection in the world Shibuya Crossing (Tokyo, Japan) is the biggest pedestrian crossing in the world. Different people, different stories, one place.
Tags: traffic, intersection, busy street, shibuya
sandygaspay Photography, Digitally Manipulated
jenergy Photography, Colour
The Intersection
tushort Photography, Colour
Intersections. The road to light is full of thorns, but there is always a way to break through to a brighter future.
GoldenEagle Photography, Colour
Pattern Intersection
ted115 Mixed Media
knitting intersections ...a self-intersection...
alicep Photography, Digitally Manipulated
jenergy Photography, Colour
Susheela Photography, Colour