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Your Rights! Our Iranian youth volunteer during the youth retreat. She fight for women rights with bunch of other young people.
Tags: youth, sexual rights, human rights, south asia, hiv and aids, women rights, iran, islam
milinda Photography, Colour
Islam in Bangladesh Bangladeshi old man who works in the mosque for his living since his boyhood.
Tags: bangladesh, climate refugee, islam
muntsir Photography, Black and White
Islam & Globalization
The-Eloquent-Warbler Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Arab-Islamic Historical Characters This cartoon is intended to summarize a significant portion of Arab-Islamic history, by highlighting some of the important historical characters such as Zenobia of Palmyra, Al Hassan As-Sabbah, Ibn An-Nafis, Al-Jahiz, Ad-Du'aliy, Al-Khwarizmiy, Al-Maymuniy, Ibn Al-Haytham, Ibn-Rushd (Averroes),and Selim III. This cartoon was published for me in...
aymanelhakea Cartoons