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Peace Arts Exchange Project Peace Arts Exchange Project is the series of events which will be held annually by Mekongaholics every October and January to encourage the development of a children-centered sustainable social platform under the core theme “ASEAN Cultural Exchange through Puppets and Folktales” and its technique approach as "Exploration of Cultural...
Diego Kravetz - Jefe de gabinete Jefe de Gabinete y responsable del área de Seguridad del Municipio de Lanús
Cloud-based business intelligence in IT projects execution Headquartered in Hyderabad, Nexiilabs is a global IT consulting provider offering Quality engineering and Test automation services and DevOps solutions, leading to a streamlined customer experience.
Pakistani Truck Art on jug Pakistani Truck Art by Truck Artist Inam Elahi +923234482820
Jia's class
Waldron Mercy video conference 23Jan15
Unit 2: Toronto - Jesse Ketchum Ms. Dunne
Unit 2: Ljubljana
Unit 2 Project: Paris Ecole Manuel
Unit 2 Project: London Keys Meadow
Mumbai Unit 2 Project
NYC P.S. 160 Unit 2 Project (Ms. Fox)
Ho Chi Minh City Unit 2 Project
Paris Unit 2 Project
NYC St. Johns- Impact Action Plan
Hong Kong Unit 2 Project: Advertisement
GPJ Ljubljana - Impact Action Plan
Green Jozi
Unit 3 Project: Sustainable Classroom
Jackie Robinson NYC - Final Project Prep
Jackie Robinson NYC - Making Props
Jackie Robinson NYC - Script Writing
Jasper 2012
Azerbaijan students introduse themselves
Azerbaijan students introduse themselves
Jiangsu International School
Jill's Tours
Jay's art works
Jenny's art works
Jasper 2012
education project
M.S. 172 Final Project
Lima Final Project
M.S. 172 Circus of Dreams Final Project
Final Projects
Final Projects
Final Projects
Final Projects
Final Projects
Final Projects
2012 June
Our Organic Garden from Azerbaijan
Chelsea GPJr Kids : Defend the Forest Storyboards
Chelsea GPJr Kids : Defend the Forest
Chelsea GPJr Kids Act-Out The Monkey and the Crocodile
Taradale unit 3 Projects
Chelsea GPJr Kids Visit the Lenox Lounge
Project presentations and ideas
2013 January
2013 January
Unit 3 Projects
Unit 2 Project Storyboards Paris
The story of monkey and crocodile by gpjdelhi-afsanak
EABJM Tableaux
St Joseph's Tableaux
s4p Jota Joti base 2012 Egypt International Peace Day organized by Scouting4peace Foundation at the Scientific Scout Club ,Cairo.Egypt
GP Junior 2012 Exhibition
Global Efficient Cookstove Education Project
Global Efficient Cookstove Education Project
Unit 1 Project: Impact Action Plan
Inwood GPJ Drawings of Bronx Library Center
Parkchester Unit 1 Project: Save the Plants
Ciudad de Mexico - Junio 14 y 15
Have A Heart Pet Shop MS172 625 Final Project
Beijing, May 23rd - May 24th 2012
Final Project by Taradale PS
Pawsome Pets Unit 3 Project
Unit 3 Project- R+D Laboratory: Peakhurst South- 'Pawsome Pets'
Unit 4 Project from Taradale Primary
Unit 2 Project: Skateboard Supply Chain
Dublin Unit 2 Project
Queen E Water Projects
Jasper 2012
Joshua- Berkeley Carroll
Will Johnston- Berkeley Carroll
Unit 1 Project by Brana jazyku (Prague)
Our Organic Garden from Azerbaijan
Johannesburg Teachers Visit NYC!
Hansborough - Unit 2 Proj
Unit 1 Projects!
Unit 1 Projects
Unit 1 Projects
LOS JOVENES DE MI BARRIO TIENEN LOS MISMO DERECHO Los jóvenes de mi barrio tienen los mismo derecho a ser escogido a la hora de los premios nacional de la juventud, la participación en el CILA, las becas la participación en la política, pero creo que los ministros lo han olvidado cuando no veo un solo pobre en una de esas actividades
Action Agent: Jodi Salmond's DFA Gallery
Final project - Vendor cart
Final Project Food cart
Peruvian project - Previous activities
PS229Q Final Project
PS229Q Final Project
Roland Jackson agitates that The fight for a better world. peace talk is a great weapon Roland Jackson agitates that The fight for a better world. peace talk is a great weapon Guns into the sahara desert belt, who sponsored the rebels for years, was the money robbed by rebels and terrorist has been use as scholarship, these weapon are they traced to the 47 round code once own by Osama bin ladin. does these weapon comes in through...
Prague: Unit 4 Project
KAL iEARN SUE Project Kal students have been doing various iEARN projects for more than two years now and they have become more globally aware students and citizens.
Save Orangutan - Project Borneo 3D by Dino Fitriza Orangutan is Critically endangered. Only 6,600 sumatran orangutan and 40,000 to 50,000 borneo orangutan in the wild today. Deforestation threaten Orangutan habitat. Project Borneo 3D the movie is a project to save orangutan and borneo rainforest from destruction. Support me in Project Borneo 3D the movie.
Tony Dapolito - Final Project Plans
green jerusalem
Bungy Jumping - Lake Taupo - New Zealand The most terrifying thing I've ever done in my life!
Unit 3: Dig In project by Keys Meadow
Tony Dapolito - Unit 3 Project "Plant House"
Unit 3 Projects Plans
Group 5 - Rachel & Dakota - Joseph & Heidi
Group 4 - Tianna & Jordan - Faith & Deanna
Group 3 - Josh TylerP & Skye - Alyssa & Madison
kaya hiphop hustlajay
Unit 1 Project from Rutgers: Improving our Garden!
DeforestAction: Project Borneo 25 young leaders have been selected for the pioneer DeforestACTION project aimed at protecting forests, working with local communities and saving orangutans. DeforestACTION is a global action project involving millions of students from around the world who want to play an active role in stopping deforestation. The project is supported...
Global Youth Murals, 2010 Project For guidelines to participate in this annual art contest, contact Visit to learn more about what PTPI is doing to promote Peace through Understanding.
Unit 1 Projects: Our Impact Action Plans
Unit 1 Projects: Our Impact Action Plans
Taroona High School's Photo Journey
Project Moustache November's theme in our Online Community is Gender Equality and TIG wants to take the moustasche global. We are asking our members to learn about how Gender ineqality affects our society while proudly strutting their stubble and unveiling their upper lip hair. Let's use this opportunity to deconstruct gender roles in our society and...
Jay surasan Art,Canvas เจ สุรเสน เกิดเมื่อวันที่ 13 กันยายน 2502 ที่จังหวัดกาฬสินธุ์ สำเร็จการศึกษาจากคณะศิลปกรรมศาสตร์ วิทยาอาชีวศึกษามหาสารคาม ต่อมาได้รับราชการเป็นช่างศิลป์ ระดับ 3 ที่มหาวิทยาลัยขอนแก่น และเป็นอาจารย์พิเศษวิชาศิลปะ ที่โรงเรียนสาธิตมอดินแดง มหาวิทยาลัยขอนแก่น เป็นระยะเวลา 5 ปี แต่ด้วยใจรักและหลงให้ในเสน่ห์ศิลปะล้านนา...
RAJASTHAN rajasthan is a state in rajasthan, it is rich in its culture,the purdah system still exist in the villages.this system was firstly introduced in the era of muslims, when the muslims use to take away beautiful girls .
Global Youth Murals, 2002 - 2005 Projects For guidelines to participate in this annual art contest, contact Visit to learn more about what PTPI is doing to promote Peace through Understanding.
Global Youth Murals, 2006 Project For guidelines to participate in this annual art contest, contact Visit to learn more about what PTPI is doing to promote Peace through Understanding.
Global Youth Murals, 2007 & 2008 Projects For guidelines to participate in this annual art contest, contact Visit to learn more about what PTPI is doing to promote Peace through Understanding.
Global Youth Murals, 2009 Project For guidelines to participate in this annual art contest, contact Visit to learn more about what PTPI is doing to promote Peace through Understanding.
Masum's Final Project
Chinatown YMCA's Neighborhood Project!
Jo Anne's Contest
Entrepreneurship: A Dream Job When we are children most of us dream of becoming space explorers, police officers, secret agents, or fire brigadiers. As adults many of us will not walk into space or become James Bond. Some of us get caught up in the hectic pace of times and can no longer make the time to dream. This is your opportunity to remember the job you dreamt of as a...
Millennium Development Goals Mural Project Alberta Council for Global Cooperation, Change for Children Association and Taking IT Global hosted a mural workshop in Edmonton for youth around Alberta with the theme of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Thirty youth and volunteers gathered to paint a mural for each of the eight MDGs.
JAPAN Pictures Barry took while he was in Japan playing music. Some photos are of places visited. Others are photos of whatever happen to catch his artistic eye.
yESTERDAY jAPANESE Photographs from 70's Japan with a 35mm camera
Joel's Exhibit This Exhibit here is to get the message through pictures of how people, esspecially young people appreciate life and live to tugle issues and improve the standard of life and creat a happy living environment for all human kind.
Journey... In January I specialised in Fine Art. I was then given a brief for the 1st project, it was titled Journey. I brainstormed a range of ideas and thoughts and then finally decided to focus on my interest in politics and illustrate it... Since the War on Iraq protest I participated , I have become increasingly more interested in what's...
Final Major Project: Millennium Development Goals As an artist who has a passion for politics, I feel that it's my duty to inform and educate people about the issues affecting the world today. For my FMP, I have chosen to raise the awareness of the Millennium Development Goals. I'm really surprised that we are in 2006 - 6 years into the MDG agreement and the majority of the public...
Memories of a Rejected Mind "Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew."
Sanjay Gandhi National Park The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the only national park in the world that lies within city limits. It is on the northern fringes of suburban Bombay. It encompasses an area of 104 square kilometres and is surrounded on three sides by Bombay. The park has a wide variety of flora and fauna and the 2400 -year-old Buddhist Kanehri Caves, which...
Scotland, July/August 2005 A few images from my time in Scotland attending the World Youth Congress at Stirling University.
New York, July 2005 Some of my favourite photos from a great holiday in NYC this summer.
Mis Dibujos Aca les muestro algunos trabajos llenos de color y vida...
Paisajes de por ahí En esta exhibición voy a ir colocando paisajes que me refieran a poesía o remembranza.
Ajay's Favourite City: Vladivostok Vladivostok has everything from beautiful streets and architecture, panoramic sea views from hills, an excellent port and harbour, cultural attractions and beautiful nature. See for yourself, why I love this city more than any other!
Enjoy Here are pictures ive taken, Describe them in your own way, i cant describe somthing that someone might not see.
Jujuy Fotos de mi viaje a Jujuy
Gwari people of Abuja Nigeria The head is sacred,so loads are placed on the back, just behind the neck.
Temples of Yjog Jakarta YjogJakarta is the palce in Java Island of Indonesia. It houses the world famous Borubodur temples, temples built for Buddha. Presented here are some of the snaps of the temple. It is said that these temple is the largest in Asia. The architecture here is resembling the architecture that is found in India and other parts which has the...
Jarra McGrath - General Exhibit, 2000 - 2003
Jarra McGrath - Computer Arts, 1998 - 2000 Early Exhibit: Examples of digital manipulations and CG creations for both work and play.
Jarra McGrath - Aquarian Sky, 2000 - 2003

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Enjoy space like never before We should look for different civilizations. Space travel guarantees endurance.
Tags: #deepspace
khadijakiran Drawing, Crayon
Un mundo mejor Las imágenes representadas en mi trabajo representan los conflictos y temas más importantes que necesitan una solución para poder mejorar el mundo.
globalgallery Cartoons
justice for climate For my art piece i included the scales of justice to show the action that needs to be taken against climate change. i also included the earths weight to be depicted as heavier that the industies to show that this is a problem that needs more focus on.
Tags: industries, pollution climate change, the earth
Alice-Ke Painting, Acrylic
#Decarbonize (EFJ) #Decarbonize
Tags: pollution, climate
Rebsmoon Mixed Media
#Decarbonize (EFJ) #Decarbonize
Tags: pollution, species loss, climate
Rebsmoon Drawing, Pencil-crayon
#Decarbonize (EFJ) #Decarbonize
Tags: pollution, climate
Rebsmoon Mixed Media
#Decarbonize (EFJ) #Decarboniz
Tags: pollution, climate
Rebsmoon Markers
#Decarbonize (EFJ) #Decarbonize
Tags: pollution, climate
Rebsmoon Drawing, Pencil-crayon
#Decarbonize (EFJ) #Decarbonize
Tags: pollution, climate
Rebsmoon Markers
#Decarbonize (EFJ) #Decarbonize
Tags: pollution, climate
Rebsmoon Markers