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Submissions (13)

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Haiti's Moon Jellyfish By: Marie Pressoir As I begin to discover our underwater world of Haiti, I take this photo of a moon jellyfish. I learned that these jellyfish are not the most dangerous jellyfish and they can be held upside down without stinging me. The ocean is full of beautiful and interesting surprises.
ayv Photography, Colour
Twenty thousand legions Made this collage from screenshots of a movie I just watched. Can you name that movie?
Tags: exploration, eggs, jellyfish, glowing
darhcik Collage
The Jellyfish - By Eddie Acrylic on Canvas. This painting of one of Earth’s oldest living organisms is rendered in silver and copper tones chosen by artist to contrast against the red backdrop. The artist also uses darker tones for the tentacles behind the lighter ones to create depth and movement for this image.
Tags: jellyfish, pacific northwest coast, first nations, indigenous, fish, sea, ocean animals, youth, painting
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Jellyfish-flower Again me & my never-seen-in-reality jellyfish (pictures and schemes in the biology book distort the whole perception :)! From Google I learned that the sea is not blue inside and corrected my mistake. As far as I remember from my school years, jellyfish are multiplying by means of “gemmation”. :/ I thought it would be nicer if they were...
Roness Computer Graphics
Jellyfish It's a work of a person (=me) who has never seen a real salty sea and any jellyfish, but has seen real sea salt, jelly and fish. :) I don't know whether a jellyfish looks like that on my picture and don't know why people tend to depict what they've never seen. Maybe someone can tell me!?
Roness Computer Graphics