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Submissions (12)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Belong to Jesus We belong
YouthFirst Painting, Oil
The Resurrection 8.5 x's 8.5 Monoprint Oil on Paper. Sometimes it is only through my art that I see my thoughts; the ones that are buried deep in my sub-conscience. The ones that do not occupy my mind expect when I create. This is a depiction of Jesus being watched by his Angel as he prepares for his resurrection. I am assuming it came about as the Christian...
Tags: jesus, angels, easter, cross, christianity, resurrection, monoprint, oil
lesleyfletcher Print
Jesus' back photo of the back side of the 'Cristo Redentor'
Tags: seven wonders, rio, brazil, culture
ivanbigas Photography, Black and White
My Jesus 20*30 Inches Oil on Canvas
jagbasu69 Painting, Oil
Al and Jesus
Stridefull2 Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Jesus in the book of revelation jesus in the book of revelation going for a VARY STRONG look oils and pen
teddibubbles Painting, Oil
Baby Jesus
joconda Painting, Acrylic
The Annunciation of Our Lord Jesus Christ My colour photograph shows one of the most interesting cathedral facades of Santa Maria del Fiori, which now symbolizes Florence itself in the architectural history of the Italian Renaissance. The given name of the cathedral is Holy Mary of the Flower (1412) in clear allusion to the lily symbol of the city. All the stone facades of the...
timezone Photography, Colour
Life As You Know It. Have Jesus...Have Life... "Jesus Christ Died on The Cross to Save our Life is the text shown in the picture. <br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /> Description: Have Jesus
godwin Painting, Watercolour