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Taroona High School's Photo Journey
Journey... In January I specialised in Fine Art. I was then given a brief for the 1st project, it was titled Journey. I brainstormed a range of ideas and thoughts and then finally decided to focus on my interest in politics and illustrate it... Since the War on Iraq protest I participated , I have become increasingly more interested in what's...

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Journey to a greener world. Clay relief, Suncity School, India. Through small actions, steady steps, we can move towards a cleaner and greener world.
Tags: Green footprint, carbon footprint, Suncity School, india, global warming, climate change, renewable energy
clannapurna Sculpture
The Daily Journey In many places of rural Ethiopia, clean water isn't easily accessible. Instead the locals must travel great distances in order to find a spring or a well. The image above depicts exactly that as a woman makes her daily trip to fetch water. In order to take the water back, the woman is carrying a clay water jug on her back. Unfortunately, even...
Rachel_Zewde_ Drawing, Pencil-crayon
JOURNEY OF COLORS How the colors are mixed with one another and dispersed to form the spectrum.
gayathrivk Painting, Acrylic
Cultural Journey According to the African culture young man are sent to initiation schools to go through the transition of moving from boyhood to becoming man,they therefore spend approximately 1-3 months at this schoolTo become a man "in Xhosa tradition.., is achieved through one means only: circumcision...., circumcision is a trial of bravery and stoicism''...
ayv Photography, Black and White
A Journey to a Better LIfe I created this piece to emphasize the issue on immigration. Some Americans don't know the struggles immigrants have to overcome in order to reach the American dream. Like most immigrants this man travels with one pair of shoes, a hat, and a backpack.
Dominiqua Drawing, Pencil
A Boy's Journey Drawing by my 7 year old daughter
garima80 Painting
Life - A Journey Filld with Peace and Harmony Created by students ages 15-17 years old from School for Cosmonautics in Russia.
Tags: peace, harmony, friendship
PTPIGYM Painting
The Long Journey The long journey of life starts with a one step. At times it stalls, but at times it is a smooth ride.
erioch Photography, Colour
thlee Photography, Colour
Night Journey, نزهة ليلية
ruba Collage