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Low Tide - Julia DeBoer 2012 Canadian Winner - CWF "Get to Know" Contest “Low Tide” Julia DeBoer Age 15 Vernon, BC
JulieGao Photography, Colour
Julian Alps Slovenia, at the top of the world!
Tags: mountains, julian alps, alps
urssulasss Photography, Colour
Julia Butterfly Hill Spent more than 700 days living in a Redwood tree in Northern California and is currently protesting by living in a tree on the South Central Farm. More than 300 urban farmers whose families depend on the food they grow are being threatened with eviction so the property owner can develop the land. Please visit for...
epiphyte Photography, Colour
Julia This piece is also known as a mosaic of one of my favorite actress' Julia Roberts. It is a combination of little square cut up black and white photo's placed together to create her face. This was made in my grade 11 year at St. Joan of Arc High School.
Luisa13 Photography, Black and White