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justice for climate For my art piece i included the scales of justice to show the action that needs to be taken against climate change. i also included the earths weight to be depicted as heavier that the industies to show that this is a problem that needs more focus on.
Tags: industries, pollution climate change, the earth
Alice-Ke Painting, Acrylic
Where did the MANGO? The main purpose behind my artwork was to deliver the message of taking control of our lives by the means of bold action. I representated this metaphorically through an arrow (determination) and mangoes (love and new beginnings) Hence at a time like this, where social injustice and diseases are spreading like wildfire, it is a wake up call for...
Tags: mango, arrow, humanity, justice, nature
Eshaan Flash Animation
Justice By: Laura Itzel Mata García Justice is something very important for us in our country of Mexico, because it is not usual, most of the time people live different situations of injustice so, I want a country in which everyone lives on justice.
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Justice I'M GENERAL Mark A. Welsh am a UNITED STATE Air Force Chief of Staff. From united state of America. Am supportive and caring, looking forward to get a nice friend.
GeneralMark Ink, Brush
Mask: Human Trafficking by Dannie Legacy I decided that making a mask about it would provide more information about the topic, and hopefully spike someone’s attention to do something about this ongoing problem we have in our society. The way I decided to present my topic is not with words or direct pictures, but instead, with colour and with structure. I started the mask by using tin...
Tags: human trafficking, people, crime, justice, abuse
JNeville Sculpture
Broad Daylight Injustice
pssendagire Print
Social Justice & Human Rights Look hard in it , What do you see """>>>>>> ITS ONE OF KIND IN YOUR LIFE TIME... YES .
Fredex126 Photography, Colour
Language as Violence- Violent Mob Justice The painting is by Justus Waweru, 29. It is about mob justice, after a violent act. Such incidents are common in the slum villages, due it inaccessibility. The drawing shows a violent robber who is been violently attacked with stones and a "pang" (a Swahili word meaning a big knife). The police take long to reach the scenes of robberies, so...
Mulei Painting
Social Justice & Human Rights Under the Sun The social justice & Human Rights is under the sun.
wahooe Photography, Colour
Durga Puja, the symbol of justice Durgapuja is the biggest religious festival of Hindu especially Banglali Hindu community celebrates every year middle of October. The Goddess Durga is Mother of the Universe, she represents the infinite power of the universe and is a symbol of a female dynamism. Durga is sign of Justice and Peace. Goddess Durga killed the powerful demon Mahish...
siraj Photography, Colour