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Submissions (22)

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the heros of kenya Because of global warming the rains that we as Kenyans thought we were going to experience came late. As we thought they were going to come in July they recently began in November. And with el-nino happening this year Kenya has began preparing for the floods. My inspiration came from what I believe are the true hero’s of Kenya. Our Red Cross...
globalgallery Painting, Acrylic
We Are One This is a painting i did portraying that we need to save our country but we can't do it alone. That is why we all need to come as one to save not only our country but the rest of the earth.
Tags: kenya, nairobi, climate change
michaeloyaro Painting, Acrylic
Leave My Home Alone! Shows the effects of deforestation on Animals as well as the effects of logging in Climate change. They drive animals away from their homes and destroy environments crucial to the biodiversity of life on Earth.
Tags: environment, remember, animals, COP 23, Graphic Art, photoshop, kenya
Jamaac Computer Graphics
Don't Forget ME! Aside from Food insecurity and warm temperatures brought by Climate change, animals too are suffering. Climate change affects all in many way and Animals aren't to be brushed aside (Like the picture suggests)
Tags: wildlife, Decarbonize;Decolonize, Graphic Art, photoshop, kenya, COP 23, environment
Jamaac Computer Graphics
Tags: kenya
marygabriel Mixed Media
I am Kenya Part 1 This piece was created by K-Youth Media. "Can we as a country dissociate our identity from a polarizing ethnic one? Are we even aware of our identity biases? Can we generate authentic and personal narratives to displace and disrupt mainstream ones? Can we displace mainstream media as the sole source of narratives and cultivate our own,...
ayv Mixed Media
Crossing the Maara River This painting depicts the famous annual Maara crossing, when animals migrate from Tanzania to Kenya. This painting is available at:
Tags: animals, zebras, wildebeests, mammals, zoo, art, paintings, africa, kenya, nature, arts
mutan Painting, Oil
Leopard relaxing on a branch This a painting of a Leopard, it depicts the the beauty of Africa's vast beauty of wildlife.Available at:
Tags: leopard, africa, art, zoo, painting, cats, animals, safari, kenya
mutan Painting, Oil
Kenyan experience My inspiration
Tags: multiculturalism, global awareness
ewarekus Computer Graphics
Puppetry For peace in Nairobi Kenya This piece is about changing the world using the puppetry (a form of art) This particular project was a peace project through puppetry and PET (participatory educatiuon theatre After the post ellection violence that divided the country on tribal lines
Mutahi Mixed Media