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Submissions (35)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
zodiac animal, monkey It is a combination of our project work(after reading a folk tale story).
Sabrina712 Mixed Media
Colours and Dots by Vickey My Art represents inclusion because the colors represent people and their cultures and the paper represents the whole world. You have no boundaries and everyone is together and included in the world. It does not matter how you look, talk or anything about you because your all included. Every person is unique and different. The paper also...
TIGstaff Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Turkey CEAL-1 paper cutting
Cindea Mixed Media
Nethelie's Monkey and Crocodile Storyboard
amorales Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Monkey and Crocodile Storyboard from Sunset Park CRC in NYC
andreaminicozzi Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Hockey Night In Canada My defining moment represents our culture as Canadians. Yeah it's hockey, kind of a Canadian cliche, but I see my picture as more than that. I see our determination, our love for the land, we're willing; no actually we want, to stay out past supper to have fun. We want to stay out in the cold for just five more minutes to finish our hockey...
Tags: hockey, rural
JessicaP Painting, Acrylic
Lettuces keys meadow planted is ready to harvest
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
MonkeysLunch A Monkey in Thailand hanging out with her baby in the Mangroves. The habitat was full of litter and oily water.
Tags: thailand, mangroves, monkey
zacmosphere Photography, Colour
Keys Meadow GPJ class
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
Keys Meadow children planting
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour