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Submissions (11)

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Teachers spread knowledge They say the best teachers are those who have once been students themselves.
khadijakiran Drawing, Pencil
NYC 422 This is a shot from Downtown NYC
Tags: nyc, wisdom, knowledge, zeus
Liamjod Photography, Colour
The Knowledge bridge This bridge leads to the National French Library. Paris is full of bridge, this one leads to knowledge.
sarahtoumi Photography, Colour
Knowledge is Power The strength of the people of all professions is knowledge. Builders build high towers and long bridges. Doctors treat people from sickness and viruses.
jenisesbolganov Painting, Watercolour
Knowledge It Says: Knowledge brings wisdom and wealth makes you proud. Knowledge is more powerful then a sword. Knowledge keeps yourself alive in the same way like rain keeps the soil of Earth. Knowledge is like a flower whos aroma increases as it opens more. Knowledge increases when you spend it, it doesn't decrease.
danishaijaz Photography, Colour
In the lap of a knowledge Me (and my brother) with carl marx are now a good friends, that's why i was alowed to sit in his huge lap:). this picutre was made in berlin, where the statue of carl marx, the (great) german philosopher stands ...
urssulasss Photography, Colour
Knowledge is destruction Books are made from wood which in return destroy the environment. The search for knowledge to conserve or aid the environment will in time be its destruction.
Haffendi Photography, Black and White
AT THE EDGE OF KNOWLEDGE This piece of art means that no matter how high one gone in knowing, no matter how large ones data bank of information is, one is still at the edge of the information society, on one can exhust the huge information around us, every one just kept on exploring that great depth.
xploit Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Knowledge is Power this is titled as a result of the ignorance of the boy about educational background.
Tags: may chieu
waleadesokan03 Painting, Watercolour
Complete Knowledge Knowlege is power.
Murthy Computer Graphics