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$125 Off SiteWide + Free Shipping on mattress and couch of Nolah Sleep store only at reecoupons Reecoupons is the well-known shopping site, shown the online shopping coupons and deals on the products . There are tons of valuable discount offers are available, now they are offering discount on mattresses. click on:
online shopping kerala Buying goods from the market is called shopping. Shopping is a one kind of activity in which the peoples browse the product. And searched for presented product. And select suitable for their product. All products are available for the online we not rounding into the market and not buying the different things in different shop .they are always...
Island Peak Climbing Our Island Peak trip is a special trek which combines an ascent of Island Peak with a visit to the famous lakes of the Gokyo valley. We start from Lukla and trek slowly up the Dudh Kosi valley. After a few days we branch off to Gokyo, and after climbing Gokyo Ri for fantastic views of Cho Oyu and Everest we cross the Cho La and Mt Everest base...
Holly's class
College Kickstart - Fire Up Your College Plan College admissions is a circus, and we’ve got a way to fight back. It’s called College Kickstart, and we help families craft sensible college plans that are realistic, maximize odds and minimize wasted motion. It’s simple, effective and yours for less than the cost of an application.
yongmei luo's class
Jia's class
Interactive 3D Floor Plan Some of the completed project of Interactive 3D Floor Plan and Animation by Yantram Studio.
International Polar Bear Day Art Contest Students, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, from Pembina Hills Regional School Division and Alberta Distance Learning Centre, are invited to celebrate this year’s International Polar Bear Day through artistic expression. We are inviting you to create and share a form of visual art (i.e. painting, photography, sketch, drawing, digital...
NYC St. Johns- Impact Action Plan
Accra Class
GPJ Ljubljana - Impact Action Plan
Bien Hoa P5 Class Intro POSTERS
Unit 3 Project: Sustainable Classroom
Digital Launch
Brookwood Caterpillars 2013
Long Island Advertising Agency The agencies like Long Island advertising agency , Long Island web development , Long Island ad agency or Long Island social media marketing company also specialize in web based marketing and advertising. Such internet based efforts have found an important place in the world of commercial communication, mainly because of the rise...
Miscellaneous Stuffs I need for project
Digital Launch
Campos Plaza Final Performance
Ferry Lane Primary School
Todt Hill Black Box Theater
Nela_Our Organic Garden
Nela_Sk Taiwan
داربلانكا راديو مجتمعي على الإنترنيت Darblanca Community Webradio Station داربلانكا راديو مجتمعي على الإنترنيت Darblanca Community Webradio Station
MS 172 Playground Theater Space
Taiwan_Nela SK
Peru_ Lady
Community Stories Collage
Favourite City Places - Toronto
Our Favorite Places
Warsaw - Acting classes
Clarisonic Mia Clarisonic Mia are more compact, more travel-friendly, and more colourful than classic Clarisonic
Guerilla Art Adventure
Unit 1 Project: Impact Action Plan
Cleveland High School
Unit 1: Inwood Library Impact Action Plan
Parkchester Unit 1 Project: Save the Plants
Beseda s Mgr. A. Halabukom, PhD.
field trip to Sungui Buloh Wet land Reserve, singapore
Chat Bioplastics, 31.5.2012
Digital Launch
Highlands Diverse kinds of green and yellow. Cold wind, fog, lagoons. Beautiful landscapes. Uniques plants and animals. Ecuador's diversity in and around the capital.
FULA SINGER FOR SALE SIZE 27'' X 28'' $600 TITLE: FULA SINGER +2330275118811
Unit 3 Project- R+D Laboratory: Peakhurst South- 'Pawsome Pets'
Philippines: Favourite Place
DLab comes to Brookwood
MS 172 Class 623 Our School Hoodie Fashion
8th Grade Visits DLab at MIT
Edible Queens Products-Class 624
Kayla Young- Berkeley Carroll
Made in England
Local Products: Post photos of products from Poland
Our Brooklyn Marketplace
Landscapes Oil paintings with theme: landscape
Cleveland District State High School
Eco-Warrior Shadrack Kalasa's DFA Gallery
Dublin Plants are ready for the Ground!
Thailand Traveller Thailand is amazing.
Dublin- Bayside Ms Duffy's Class Food Cart
Roland Jackson agitates that The fight for a better world. peace talk is a great weapon Roland Jackson agitates that The fight for a better world. peace talk is a great weapon Guns into the sahara desert belt, who sponsored the rebels for years, was the money robbed by rebels and terrorist has been use as scholarship, these weapon are they traced to the 47 round code once own by Osama bin ladin. does these weapon comes in through...
Dublin Plants - Week 4
Tony Dapolito - Final Project Plans
Dublin Plants - week 3 !!
Bayside have "Plant lift-off"!!
Bangladesh Youth For better Bangladesh
Bangladesh For better Bangladesh
Ms Duffys class planting
Mr Travers class planting sugar snap peas!
Bungy Jumping - Lake Taupo - New Zealand The most terrifying thing I've ever done in my life!
Tony Dapolito - Unit 3 Project "Plant House"
Ms Duffys Class Green Space
Dublin Ireland - Green Space Visit
Unit 3 Projects Plans
Group 7 - Katie & Grace - Kayla & Tanner
Impact Action Plan
LONDON Unit 1: Impact Action Plan- Efficiency
kaya hiphop hustlajay
Glasgow Caledonian University building visit
Unit 3: Roof Garden Plans
Unit 3: Roof Garden Plans
Unit 3: Roof Garden Plans
World Class Staff Room Members
Unit 1 Projects: Our Impact Action Plans
Unit 1 Projects: Our Impact Action Plans
Tree Banding Launch - South Africa
class work
Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumedienne Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumedienne Depuis la création de l’USTHB, plus de cent mille etudiants sont passés sur les bancs de Bab-Ezzouar. Aujourd’hui, une communauté de prés de vingt-cinq mille personnes vit sur le campus, une vingtaine de milliers d’étudiants, plus mille cinq cent enseignants, autant de...
A place on which to stand Free Education for all As part of a collective effort to uphold a worthy ideal, i have come to believe that education for all is not a myth it can be achieved. But if you and i must act to restore the hope of that hopeless child we must act now. What is important is to keep learning, to enjoy challenge, and to tolerate ambiguity. In the end...
Child's Play it's has been our job to make sure the children get their right.
La gran torre! La gran torre de babel,fue hecha con el fin de llegar hacia el cielo,pero Dios nunca lo permitio,porque supo los malos pensamientos del hombre y confundio sus lenguas de aquellos hombres perversos que la hicieron!
Children of Bangladesh! The photos were taken in Bangladesh. Focusing the disadvantageous Bangladeshi children.
Visual Language--Share your thoughts!
Visual Language--Share your thoughts!
Visual Language-share your thoughts!
La Mala Hora Fotografías de neto corte ´documental sobre mi comunidad.
Different Places, Different Spaces For this month's theme of Travel, the Global Gallery will be running a contest, entitled "Different Places, Different Spaces". A voyage named hope, resources to conquer, a tourist's tour, an opportunity, a challenge, an escape from sufferance. A voyage about discovering new cultures, societies and values, excitement, Big Ben,...
Playing for Peace Playing for Peace is a Global Gallery collection which showcases how sport can act as a bridge between cultures. Every four years, the Olympics offers an opportunity for the world to put aside its' differences and unite around sporting excellence and friendly competition. Submit your art work celebrating the joy of sport and you could win...
Dialogue Change : End Child Labour
60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights December 10th, 2008 will mark the 60th anniversary of the UDHR. In celebration of this historic event CASHRA in partnership with TakingITGlobal (TIG) JHC are conducting an online awareness campaign to spread the word on human rights issues among youth in Canada and across the globe. CASHRA and TIG are asking young people to convey their thoughts...
Village Galleries Tanzania In early July of 2007, a team of 8 Canadians and 1 representative from Amani ECCD, landed in the small town of Monduli, Tanzania (a 2 hour drive from Mt. Kilamanjaro) with the purpose of teaching photography to many Maasai villages. This initiative was in collaboration with the Monduli Pastoralist Development Initiative (MPDI), a not-for-profit...
Lawrence Park CI
Friends and Flags Friends and Flags is a collaborative learning project which engages classes in a dynamic many to many exchange with international partner schools. The main theme of this exchange is multi-cultural awareness which fosters mutual respect, tolerance and communication.
Russia: Flash Animation
Faces In Many Places Pictures of faces where ever I see them looking at me. The sky, walls, doors, trees, Rocks, every thing I look at seems to have a story to tell.
the last breath!!! When you feel like there is nothing else to live for, please pray for your life while the time still a friend of yours!
Laura's Images Just a place for me to collect my photos and artwork.
Hazrat Dovud-the holy place in the mountains of Uzbekistan The exhibit is a collection of pictures of a holy place in uzbekistan called Hazrat Dovud, people visit it as piligrims or just enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.
Les couleurs et la nature
Les couleurs et la peinture Ce n'est pas souvent que je me laisse m'exprimer aux travers les toiles et la peinture. Mais j'aime bien me laisser aller, une fois de temps en temps...
Les collages J'aime bien mélanger écriture, images, photos, et mots... Ça me permet de réutiliser des découpures de journaux, de magazines, et de mes photos, pour en faire un méli-mélo de messages...
Oakland California USA These pictures are taken in Oakland, California USA. Oakland is just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.
Villa Gesell En esta exhibición muestro fotos de mi viaje a la ciudad de Villa Gesell (Buenos Aires)
Lal Bagh Bangalore's Lal Bagh Garden has a beautiful and varied collection of flora. Located in the heart of the city, the garden is an ideal getaway for those looking for peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings. The original landscaping of the garden was believed to have been done by Moghal King Hyder Ali in the 18th century. Sir Mark Cubbon...
Scotland, July/August 2005 A few images from my time in Scotland attending the World Youth Congress at Stirling University.
lady cleaning rice village lady cleaning rice
It's never too late to dream!!! let show our dream that we need it like a need for hug coming from deep inside. Believe that you special, you are unique in your own way like bread in middle of table. protect and you will never be alone!!! Please keep dreaming even when you are last of us!
my land and yours this exhibit is some photos of israel that i took while my sister and I were there this past winter.
Ajay's Favourite City: Vladivostok Vladivostok has everything from beautiful streets and architecture, panoramic sea views from hills, an excellent port and harbour, cultural attractions and beautiful nature. See for yourself, why I love this city more than any other!
Human Rights Violations can be stopped also in Germany( pl Help) I know this is not easy for the world to believe.But that is the point! Germany builds its buildings of HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS on the innocence and ignorance of the world We all have thought Holocaust was Yesterday.But it isn't!! It ended up with DEATHS and PAINS But what after that??Peace? Freedom? Prejudice, intolerance and denial of...
Art Show From The Lava Flow In the first four years of the 21st Century I completed 240 Large Format Images and they are all Original and created with unusual tools. Enjoy and let them heal and stimulate creativity.
Art Show From The Lava Flow In the first four years of the 21st Century I completed 240 Large Format Images and they are all Original and created with unusual tools. Enjoy and let them heal and stimulate creativity.
landscapes All these paintings belong to the city of Huancayo in Perú.
New Zealand Travels Product of a month long (far too short) backpacking tour through the South Island
Black & White Photography I love it, and I have so much I decided to make an exhibit. Enjoy! :)
Places and Persons From Campeche-La Vaqueria-La Festen Brave-La Fiesta Brava *** Una manifestacion de las tradiciones en Mexico es sin duda la fiesta brava. ***A manifestation of the traditions in Mexico is without a doubt the brave celebration. In Logwood it has been eradicated I mistreat alos animals and one has become average enternaiment and like collecting money for the church.
Sri Lanka Voilà un endroit qui m'a inspirée: Tête-Corp et Âme. À tout jamais marquée par les Sri Lankais et mon apprentissage personnelle face à l'égocentrisme, le travail de groupe, un pays en voie de développement face à la mondialisation et spirituelle, je suis parti à la recherche d'un endroit ou je pourrais retrouver la paix intérieur...
Calamity series of calamity that befell the nation has claimed the life of over 400 Nigeria's.
Landscape Brainstorming my childhood I find myself flying over landscapes, retriving memories and emotions from what might had been forgoten. It's always a start to boost criativity.
Black and White Film Photography A series of Black and White photo's shot from 2003-2004. All developed and processed in the darkroom at my school. Includes a wide variety of subject matter.
Europe in a Glance For many people Europe means western civilization and past. In spite of the fact, in my personal view, Europe constantly run and enhance with the power of youths and their upto date vision of the world, without boundaries, languages or colors. Those were the biggest barriers of the past that had not allowed to know the entire of our Planet Earth.

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The power of black excellence The meaning behind my picture is to show the light and give attention to black women. I want this picture to represent that black women don't have to hide themselves from no one and to shine their light and glow no matter what the situation is.
Tags: F.A.C.E Urgent Inc.
kERV29 Photography, Colour
Isolated but Integrated Hi I am Daniela. For my photo, it shows a lonely park, but is it really lonely? Its full of creativity, activities, and details. Ever since quarantine, everything has been abandoned and alone; we all used to be together, hanging out and having fun. So this picture depicts the thought of being alone but reunited at the same time. This stood out...
Tags: selfquarantine, isolation, creativity, quarantine
day_nel Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Blanco y Negro A part of OYE's summer photography initiative ""Quarantine Through My Eyes"" (Cuarentena a través de mis ojos). Learning how use mobile devices creatively capture and share photographs of what life in lockdown looked like for them.
YouthMedia Photography, Black and White
Kira’s Declassified Quarantine Survival Guide Free Spirit Media's Industry Pathways program create content that reflected their life as a filmmaker during a pandemic. Jakira's nostalgic take on an old Nickelodeon classic was a treat to watch.
YouthMedia Mixed Media
My New Classroom Over the past few months I have been at home enjoying each day with my dearest Toto, he means the world to me! This is one of the priceless moments with him that will stay with me for years to come.
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Clamness Nature has the best orchestra ever: everything in tune, with a sharp rythm that remind me to feel the life beat.. Everything perfect to be calm and grateful.
YouthMedia Mixed Media
NATURE IS PERFECT, LET´S BALANCE OUR LIVES Nature has the best orchestra ever: everything in tune, with a sharp rythm that remind me to feel the life beat.. Everything perfect to be calm and grateful.
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
A PLANE IN THE DARK I am being creative in quarantine by taking pictures with my new camera. I saw planes were passing in front of the moon. I really wanted a photo of a plane inside the moon. I must have taken a hundred photos trying to get the right one. I’m still trying.
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Zoom Dance Class Because of zoom dance lessons I have my mom playing with me Grease, when she started dancing as Danny Zuko I couldn´t believe it, I just think about how fun was that day together , I want to repeat the experience!!
YouthMedia Mixed Media
APYRE - Olaff Our youth from APYRE drawing what makes them feel happy in life; family, friends, playing video games, dancing, music, rainbows
YouthMedia Drawing, Pencil-crayon