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Outside For some people, the outside is almost like a stranger to them nowadays. Ever since quarantine started, people are now required to work from their homes in isolation. This can have some negative and positive effects on a person's mental health, and the photo shows an example of a point of view of how a person views quarantine. From working at...
Tags: "outside, black and white, laptop, indoors"
CHernandez02 Photography, Black and White
"code" The meaning behind my film "code" is to give the viewers an idea of what I do throughout quarantine. The film gives a good representation of how I think whenever I am programming. Trying to figure out how I can manage my projects with such little space to work with doesn't stop me from getting things done. With the help of Urgent Inc. (where I'm...
Tags: "coding, programming, laptop, productive, quarantine"
CHernandez02 Mixed Media
Pentium 3 Laptop This laptop is around 11 years old. Most people would have thrown it away long ago, but this is actually my primary laptop for school and work. It boots up faster, shuts down faster, loads programs faster, and is generally more responsive than many computers purchased today. When people complain about "slow" computers, the problem is...
anarchy1024 Photography, Colour
Broken Laptop LCD Laptop with a broken LCD? It can be hooked up to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, and used as a low-power, space-saving desktop computer. Connect it to a TV and use it for presentations, videos, games, and slideshows.
anarchy1024 Photography, Colour