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Elephantee Creator: Camila Otondo Camila shows us that freedom isn't for everybody... Animals aren't free and that's our fault.
Tags: elephant, liberty, captivity, freedom
dagf2312 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Statue of Liberty poster We are creating posters to go up in our global partners diplay board. the children are very excited about it some decided to make a poster about statue of liberty
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
Liberty Set me free...
suneboy Painting
The Liberty
Lesunchik Photography, Colour
Liberty, Life, Love This piece measure 28" x 22". It is about human rights and equality. "All men are created equal" yet we continue to discriminate. This piece is Pride. Pride in Life. Pride in Liberty. Pride in Love.
AlinaB7 Painting, Acrylic
Alexandria liberty #3
Marwan Photography, Colour
alexandria liberty nummber 2
Marwan Photography, Colour
Marwan Photography, Colour
vision of liberty From the unborn to the eldest; The atheist to the pope; The most illiterate to the most educated; the poorest to the richest; the coloured to the white. There is an incessant cry for the inalienable personal rights among the human family - to break from the chain of dehumanisation and, hence acquire "equal dignity,freedom and tolerance: Our very...
sammiewordax Painting, Watercolour
Lady Liberty I'm a huge political junkie as well as a civil liberties advocate. Lady Liberty stands tall in the name of the citizens. Hopefully I will too, someday, stand tall for the citizens of this country.
KillBarbieDead Mixed Media