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Taking Flight The image is of an origami crane folded from a typical medical face mask. It is inspired from the new restrictions, finding a way to embrace them creatively with an old craft. (Intern at Urgent Inc)
Tags: quarantine, origami, crane, mask
NahiaP Photography, Colour
MOON LIGHT My mom brought me a professional camera for practice taking pictures during quarantine. I was excited to see the moon from close up. It wasn’t easy but I was able to get this photo with its actual colour.
YouthMedia Mixed Media
The Light of All Lights For the individual, the first sense of belonging is felt with family. Thus, this image depicts two caribou: a mother and child. The two are contrasted against a dark background to depict the security and hope given by the knowledge of acceptance.
Tags: belonging, family, unity
CMbaga Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Moonlight 郑清
sharklin Computer Graphics
Dancing lights Digital illustration 176,39 x 117,65 cm 2009
NAKATA Computer Graphics
Northern Lights - by Jennifer Moments of Inclusion - Art Night
ArviatYouth Painting, Acrylic
Philosophie cubism au troi 2 What is sharing and love in difference of light and time?
Tags: love, sharing, emotions, perceptions, light, time
diana7 Ink, Brush
Light Light, in bengali "BATI". In dark, you need light for moving.
Tags: \light\
rafikunnabi Photography, Colour
Hummingbird in Flight - By Daniel Carved and engraved into cedar with acrylic paint. The u-shaped form-line of this hummingbird profile has been painted gold with black motifs of west-coast inspired shapes which include a circular eyeball in medium-length eyelid design. The wing is shown out-stretched and painted black with gold fine-line motif representing fanned feathers.
Tags: hummingbird, first nations, indigenous, cedar carving, traditional, youth, painting
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Hummingbirds meeting in flight - by Ana Two Hummingbirds Meeting in Flight Description: Acrylic painting on canvas. A black and gold male hummingbird on the left is mirrored by a female hummingbird illustrated as a negative gold and black image on the right. The artist incorporates west-coast, mid-coast and pacific north-west coast regional styles using split u-forms, ovoids,...
Tags: hummingbirds, indigenous art, canadian, pacific northwest, youth, painting
yskel Painting, Acrylic