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Pavilion Study Centre - businesses in the High Street

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Wild Lion A wild lion king representation I found walking on my way to the beach. I observe more thing that before.
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Girl with Lioness Girl with Lioness, Mixed Media, 31,5x21,7 inch, 1997, 920 Euro.
Tags: animals, girl with lioness, surrealisme, germany, people and animals, mixed media
heiste Mixed Media
Let's make it a happy ending story. You can see it in his eyes. Feel with them.
Tags: animal, lion, prisoner, rights, feel, heart, iraq, zoo
Andam Photography, Black and White
The Lion King at Minskoff Theater
dfox Print
Brave Stallion This piece represents me and how I felt when I first came to Canada. I felt like a new person who was a brave person, strong, independent and eager to explore like a stallion running wild. I am proud of myself and my family for coming to Canad and I want to do my best to be strong and successful in the future. I want to be free and wild like a...
Tags: brave, stallion, horse, canada
MirnaEl Print
Lioness Sleepily sunning herself.
kristlect Photography, Colour
lions easy themselves Indian Dogs try themselves.
Tags: indian dogs
sadatedriss Sculpture
lion figure
lashamelik Ink, Pen
d3 Print
Sea Lions
clarita Photography, Colour