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The tiny little pieces of the world These are just the pieces of the world surrounding me. Caught by accident, they are often the only remnants of what my eyes got to see...

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run, little blue leopard It was made with the light soft clay, the student design wings for leopard, She wanted to encourage her classmates to run very fast like leopard in the Sport Day. Run and fly… : )
houli 3D Graphics
DanYang Cai—— My little Paradise Use of stone, shell, bubble, paperboard, to be Use of stone, shell, bubble, paperboard, to be coloured and pasted . It is my little paradise.
JiaHuang Collage
Little River Tegel Little River Tegel, Etching/Watercolor, 9,4x12,6 inch, 1988, 140 Euro.
Tags: parks, rivers, trees, tegel, berlin, little river tegel, realisme, germany, landscape, etching/watercolor
heiste Painting, Watercolour
Bridge over Little River Tegel Bridge over Little River Tegel, Watercolor, 11,6x15,9 inch, 1994, 180 Euro.
Tags: bridges, rivers, trees, realisme, germany, landscape, watercolor
heiste Painting, Watercolour
Little Insurgent Monument The sculpture of a young boy who wears an oversized helmet commemorates the heroic children who fought against the occupiers during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Behind the statue is a wall with the engraved words of a popular song from the period: ‘Warsaw children will go off to fight, we will, our capital, shed blood over every stone’. The...
gpjwarsaw-jank Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Mask: Teen Suicide by Amy Little Teen suicide is a worldwide problem. I've tried to show that most of the bullying that eventually leads to suicide happens over the internet. I've included a list of words spread out over the mask representing what most depressed teens feel as well as representing what they think of themselves: words such as "worthless, unwanted, unloved,...
Tags: teen suicide, bullying, depression, teenagers, youth
JNeville Sculpture
Little Rapids General Store Built in 1890, this General store located in Northern Ontario continues to thrive against all odds with the support of the surrounding community, international vacationers, and hard work by the owner and my father Mervin Brooks. I had the pleasure to live in the house attached above and behind this store for 18 years. My bedroom was the window...
carolynbrooks Painting, Acrylic
My Little Friend in the Chismaute Hills A small girl playing with a small pull toy in the hills over Chismaute village in Ecuador.
Tags: ecuador, chismaute, kids
zacmosphere Photography, Colour
Little Flower
laurentye Photography, Colour
Little Ones From left is peace, her sister Kareen, Ivan their brother and Edgar their cousin.
nalubiri Photography, Colour