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We all are living here in this beautiful land We all are living in this beautiful land
ismailswati Painting
Costs of Living! The relationship between man and earth has never been simple and sweet. Man, an animal, was just another biological being, a part of the mother nature until it realised the unique gift of nature: Intelligence. And there started the superiority complex of man. The intelligence that ought have been used to improve the symbiotic relationship...
Tags: earth, greed, man, exploitation, survival, relationship, nature, pollution, degradation, human, considering, climate, change, breathe, clean, sustainable, planet
shaktig39 Painting, Watercolour
People living with HIV This picture is a collage showing people from different social class/status that have the HIV virus. It highlights how different the experience of living with HIV/AIDS can be depending on the resources available to a person.
Tags: epic
Merrhiem Collage
Living in my World This is a compare and contrast type of poem that discusses the impact of women's mental health through poverty and violence. It compares the thoughts of a husband and his doing along with those of the women and how she feels about all that she must go through.
nirif Print
Living Together Artist(s): Syed Mohsin Organization: Youth Parliament of J&K The Wildlife Photography by Mohsin of HOOPE chicks
ayv Photography, Colour
Living behind bars Artist(s): Carolina Cuello Organization: Agenda Global Siglo 21 There's an active youth movement with the objective to close the city zoo. The facebook site We try to express the ideas and feelings of the community and the youth regarding this topic.
ayv Photography, Colour
Improve our living conditions Artist(s): Srikanth Panigrahy Organization: Youth for Social Development This photo tell thousand words how children living in difficult circumstance and unsafe living conditions in slums in Berhampur city.
ayv Photography, Colour
Let's play for our living envioronment Artist(s): B Saloni Organization: Youth for Social Development Children in slums are getting chance to play and raise their voice against violation of their rights.
ayv Photography, Colour
Our life and living Artist(s): Ayushman Acharya Organization: Youth for Social Development This is picture of a children who live in difficult, unsafe and unhealthy situation in a slum in Berhampur.
ayv Photography, Colour
Healthy living vegan smoothie
KathrynSabo Photography, Digitally Manipulated