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The Earth Is God's Creation Every single day is our new chance of new start and a peace world. We have been experiencing a lot of terror everyday and we should have peace to make the world a better place and we should change for the better not for the worst. The earth is God's creation, therefore we should give back the peace so that we would not experience no crime or...
Tags: earth, climate change, student, graphic design, take care, god, lord, jesus christ
askiaag Computer Graphics
Lord Gauthama Buddha Reproduction of ancient mode of art in particular to the temple art of Sri Lanka. Lord Gauthama Buddha when illustrated with line art soft limitation of shades.
ajithprashantha Painting, Oil
LORD BUDDHA for buddha so loved the world.....that he gave his love to world..............
nivedi Painting
lord ganesha 2 in this painting lord ganesha is dancing and presently stands in natraja posture
paras8 Painting
lord ganesa in this painting lord ganesha holds the world in his hands
paras8 Painting
Black Hole (Ras-Krida Of Lord Krishna With 16808 Wives) Black hole is both '0' & infinite which swallows all of the stars that come in its magnetic field. It looks as if thousands {16808} of angels dancing around LORD KRISHNA, to be one with HIM.
Tags: concepts from nature
crgujjar Ink, Pen
11th Incarnation Of Lord I love to belive that CANADIANS are most peace loving people with higher knowledge both physical & spiritual, never heard of making any conflict and who loves freedom at all levels I believe my thoughts and concepts coincide with every free and peace loving true CANADIAN. Along with I being GLOBALLY I AM PROUD TO BE CALLED A CANADIAN.
Tags: lords 11th incarnation
crgujjar Painting, Acrylic
Lord Ganapati Medium-Oil on Canvas Size-51 Cm x 66 Cm This is an oil canvas of Lord Ganesha. I have made it in dull brown hues with relief effect to give it the look of an old cave painting which has been recently worshipped with the traditional offering of hibiscus and durva. This painting endeavours to take you to a new personal and spiritual plane between...
renubaheti Painting, Oil
LORD EGERTON CASTLE As the founder of Egerton University, Lord Egerton Castle simbolyzes the legacy that will never die of a man who gave all for the benefit of a community. JUST LIKE TIG HAS DONE>
erioch Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Lord Buddha
pavanaja Photography, Colour